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World’s FIRST Christian Social-Media Website [Coming Soon]
April 14, 2016

What is Going on? Hey guys, Deon here. I know many of you have probably noticed that the content on DeonVsEarth has somewhat "slowed"  -- Let me explain why. Some time ago, God gave me a dream/vision of a global Christian organization that uses technology and the Internet not only to reach the lost, but to help Christians grow and mature. The primary goal of the organization is to unify Churc..


Whitehouse to Schools: “Let children use whichever Bathroom they identify with”
May 13, 2016

Obama Administration weighs in on Transgender debate According to reports, The Obama Administration (via the DOJ) will send a letter to every public school district in the United States directing them to allow students to use whichever restroom facility that fits their personal gender identity (even if it is contrary to the gender specified on their birth certificate). As reported by Fox News..


“Facebook Hides News that they don’t want you to see” says former Employees
May 10, 2016

Shush: You can't believe that which you don't know [ecp code="rad"] It is no secret that Facebook's creator (Mark Zuckerberg) has been spotted Leaning "to the Left" on virtually every American issue. However several ex-employees of the social-media giant "pulled back the covers" on something that we all have suspected Facebook of doing for a long time. In 2014, I wrote controversial blog-post..


Suspect Falls apart when Judge recognizes him from Middle-School [VIDEO]
April 20, 2016

Courtroom Reunion [ecp code="rad"] While standing in Court early last year, Arthur Booth (accused burglar) was shocked when the judge asked him a question he obviously wasn't expecting. "Mr Booth, I have a question for you" said the judge. "Yes Ma'm" he replied "Did you go to Nautilus, for Middle School?" she responded. "Oh my Goodness" said Arthur Booth with a smile. However his smile quickl..


VIDEO: ISIS burning Bibles and Christian Literature in Mosul
March 16, 2016

Eradicating Christianity in the Region [ecp code="rad"] For quite some time now, America has been aware that ISIS is relentlessly pushing to eradicate Christianity from the Regions in which they dominate. However it would appear that the terror organization is now taking the final steps to completely remove "The Gospel" from memory. According to reports, ISIS has conducted a large-scale "Bibl..


REPORT: Iran Fires 2 Missiles That Read ‘Israel Must Be Wiped Out’
March 9, 2016

Iran Missile Tests: Peaceful or Provocative [ecp code ="rad"] Iran has allegedly been "beefing up" it's Military. According to reports, the Country conducted a test-launch of 2 ballistic missiles. However whereas the Iranian regime told the United States that it was seeking to improve it's military and nuclear program for peaceful purposes -- the 2 missiles that they "Tested" were allegedly m..


VIDEO: Pastors Urge Black Christians To Oppose ‘Anti-Christian’ Democratic Party
March 1, 2016

Bishop Speaks to Black Christians Bishop E. W. Jackson is a graduate of Harvard Law School and Harvard Divinity School. He is also the President of "Ministers Taking a Stand" or MTS -- A national organization of Pastors and Christian Leaders who's goal is to address the moral, ethical, and spiritual issues plaguing American culture. The Organization describes it's purpose as follows: "In 2014..


REPORT: ISIS still killing Christians, Pres. Obama won’t call it “Genocide”
February 26, 2016

Christian Genocide in the Mid-East [ecp code="rad"] Since it's emergence in roughly 2012, The radical Islamic group once known as "ISIS" has only been established under the Obama Administration. And if it weren't for Russian intervention in Syria, they would be established there also. ISIS has since re-branded itself as IS or the "Islamic State" -- And it is now the Legitimate government in I..

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