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REPORT: IRAN Leader releases book, How to outwit and Destroy Israel (and America)

August 4, 2015

Deal or No Deal: We Win

imam_khamenei_by_ho3inr-d4rcic9Despite the Nuclear deal that Iran just struck with TOA (The Obama Administration), The Supreme Leader of Iran (Ayotollah Ali Khamenei) released a new book.

What About? The Destruction of Israel. (what a shocker)

The 416-page book  entitled “Palestine” was released this week and details how Iran intends to outwit and eventually destroy the Nation of Israel using “well established Islamic principles”.

In his book (which is only available in Iran), Iran’s Supreme Leader used 3 distinct words to detail how the destruction of Israel (at the hand of Iran) would eventually come about:

  • “nabudi” meaning annihilation
  • “imha” meaning fading out
  • and “zaval” meaning effacement

As if the fact that the Supreme Leader is writing a book about destroying one of America’s closest allies wasn’t enough — he also noted in the book that one of the primary problem with Israel is the fact that they are a “Loyal ally to the American Great Satan” and a key element in the “evil scheme” to dominate “the heartland of the Ummah.”

Khamenei also added that Israel, which he called “kaffir al-harbi” (a hostile infidel) and “a cancerous tumour,” needed to be destroyed because they have waged war on Muslims several times — yet he conveniently left out the fact that the wars were started by Islamic nations.

The book also described Israel as “adou” (the enemy) and “doshman” (the foe) for occupying what he labelled “Islam’s 3rd Holy City” — Jerusalem.

Yet despite Iran’s open hatred for Israel and America, President Obama remains “confident” that the only way to prevent Iran from attaining Nuclear Weapons is for his Nuclear agreement — riddled with impossible ‘fail-safes’ and time-wasting loopholes  — with the Nation to be approved.

However in the President’s defense, if you exclude the multiple times that Iran has been caught red handed trying to attain Nuclear Weapons — it would only make sense to assume that if we give them more space and leverage, they will stop trying to do that.

After all, everyone knows that Iran is a loyal Nation — even to it’s enemies (Sarcasm).

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