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FMR CIA Director: Could EMP-attack send America back to ‘Dark Ages’ ? [VIDEO]

America: Leader of the Free World

Information Technology ConceptSince its inception, the United States has made a valiant effort to be at the forefront of all technological advancements.

It was this ambition that allowed America to surpass surrounding nations and establish itself as the world’s super-power.

Since, America has seen 2 world-wars in which we have emerged victorious.

However, although America indeed won the war — there are growing suspicions that our adversaries (Russia, Iran, N. Korea, China) have been attempting to locate weaknesses in America’s infrastructure.

New Intel suggests that they may have found one, America’s electrical Power-Grid.

America: The Technological Super-Power

americaIt is no surprise that America is consider the world’s strongest country.

This is primarily because we have superior technology and are therefore able to wage war more effectively and efficiently than any other nation.

Despite the hatred for America that many of our adversaries possess, they too have recognized this as a fundamental truth.

Therefore they have spent decades asking themselves one question…

“How do you defeat a nation with superior technology?”

Answer: Take away the technology

What is an EMP?

empEMP stands for “Electro-magnetic Pulse”.

It is usually a by-product of a nuclear bomb that is detonated above Earth’s atmosphere.

When the bomb explodes it releases a powerful blast of Gamma rays that cause electrical disturbances below, once it hits the upper atmosphere.

Layman’s Terms: An Electro-magnetic pulse is a nuclear blast that destroys anything and everything within its radius that utilizes Electricity.

The Great EMP: No electricity, No Technology, No America

If you have ever played (or seen played) the popular video game by Activision named “Call of Duty”, you are probably already familiar with what an EMP is and what it does.

For my readers who are not aware of the consequences of an EMP being detonated, let me explain…

Because we live in a technological society, virtually everything we need to survive (food, water, communication) is directly dependent on our Power-Grid (Electricity).

But can you imagine what America would look like if 1 morning an EMP was detonated over North America?


If an EMP were to be detonated above America, the following can be expected…

  • No Electricity
  • Spoiling Food (No refrigerators)
  • No Heat
  • No running Water
  • No Cell Phones
  • No Internet
  • No Banking
  • No Shopping

Virtually everything in our society would come to a complete halt.

bank-closedCan you imagine rushing to the bank with your last quart of gas in order to secure your hard-earned money so you can buy food to feed your family — but when you arrive you see hundreds of people trying to do the same thing.

But because all electrical systems have been ‘Fried’, your bank (and every other bank) is closed down indefinitely.

Furthermore, can you imagine rushing to the Grocery store in order to buy food for your family only to see that every store has been closed (yes, even Wal-mart) because the checkout systems have also been destroyed.

The people will be outraged, It won’t take long before they begin to panic which will result in riots, looting, and other lawless behavior.


Civil Unrest: Nationwide Calamity

Although we have just examined this scenario from a City’s perspective, Imagine what would happen when this is happening not just in 1 city — but in every American city.

All over America there will be riots, violence, and crime.

How long do you think it would be before the entire United States is placed in a “State of Emergency” (Martial Law)?

martial law

Solar Flare: The Sun’s Natural EMP

sun-solar-flareDespite majority opinion, the possibility of an EMP strike is not as unlikely as many are led to believe.

Not only can an EMP be detonated by an adversary, but the Sun is also capable of releasing a powerful blast of radiation that would have the same effect an an EMP bomb.

This is called a Solar Flare.

During the first and second world-war — whether a natural occurrence or not, the threat of an EMP blast was so serious that the United States government spent hundreds of thousands of dollars ensuring that the President of the United States (and other key players) would be protected from such a strike.

But if the United States government thought that an EMP threat was serious enough to protect the President from it, one can’t help but wonder…

Why they haven’t taken the initiative to protect the American people from it as well?

World War III: The secret weapon

In recent days, we have noticed a drastic increase in international conflict.

  • Russia Invades Ukraine
  • China cyber-attacking USA
  • USA spying on everyone
  • ISIS rampaging Middle-east
  • Israel fighting against Terrorism

It would appear that the world is on the brink of a 3rd world war.

America can’t fall, the World depends on us

This is a very common belief amongst many Americans and was honestly my own opinion at one point in time.

When I first heard about the threat of a possible EMP attack, I shot the idea down.

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I reasoned with myself that it would be foolish for another country to attack America with an EMP attack simply because the United States governs the Internet.

Let me explain…

Because the Internet is an American creation, all domain names ( and IP addresses are registered and regulated within the United States and nowhere else.

It doesn’t matter whether a person is purchasing a domain name in Russia or in China — they must go through the United States to do so.

Therefore I reasoned that it would be illogical for another nation launch an EMP attack against America because they would destroy the entire Internet’s domain-servers and thus essentially harm their own economy.

This was a ‘bullet-proof vest’ for the United States because other nations depend on America’s power-grid to remain up and running.

How Awesome is that! Their Success was dependent on ours.

Bad News: President Obama Gives away Internet Control

In an article we wrote earlier this year, we described how President Obama has released America’s governance over the Internet and turned it over to an ‘unidentified’ global power.

Could this later be used to ‘Limit’ freedom of speech on the Internet?

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