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American funded ISIS take-over in Iraq | Establishing the Islamic Caliphate [VIDEO]

June 20, 2014

Although most people are familiar with the Genocide of the Jewish people living in Germany during the political rise of Adolf Hitler, very few people would believe that an event such as this would ever occur again with America helping to govern the world’s freedoms. Sadly, tens of thousands of Christians in foreign countries are being killed, but to add insult to injury — America’s tax-dollars are buying the swords being used to slay them.

In the M.E (middle-east), Christians are the religious minorities with less than 10% of the population being Christian. The vast majority of middle-eastern citizens are Islamic. Although certain sects of Muslims are indeed tolerant of Christians, the majority of M.E Muslims are not.

truckloadThe Islamic Code

In Islam, it is illegal to worship any God except the Islamic God commonly referred to by all Muslims as “Allah”. Anyone who is caught worshiping any other God is worthy of capital punishment (death) which is usually by decapitation (chopping off the head).

Therefore In the countries governed by Sharia Law, all Christians are immediately sentenced to death because they do not worship the Islamic god. Sharia Law gives Muslims the right to kill any christian immediately and be cleared by the law. This is primarily the reason why Christian persecution is so high in the countries governed by it.

But in 2003 under the Bush Administration, America invaded Iraq and began to combat terror organizations in search of Osama Bin Laden. As a result, terror organizations began to dwindle and Christians were once again relatively free to practice their faith without widespread persecution.


He promised “Change”

Fast-forwarding to President Obama’s election in 2009, president Obama promised to end the War in Iraq (which he did) — But at what Cost?

Many have accused president Obama of being naive in regards to his foreign policy. Under his watch, not only has terror increased worldwide, but they have seized major positions of power as well.

Since America’s evacuation of Iraq under president Obama, the country has been flooded with hostile militant groups that have laid waste to peace that once governed Iran under the protection United States as a sovereign nation.

Not only does this militant movement made by ISIS pose a threat to those living in the Middle-East, but it is also an direct threat to peace worldwide.

President Obama has indeed brought change to the world, but I can say with assurance that this is not the change that will benefit America, Christians, or Jews.

Iraq Attack Michigan Rally

ISIS invades Iraq: The Takeover

About a week ago, IRAQ was invaded by a highly trained terror organization known as ISIS or ISIL (Islamic State In Iraq and Syria). This militant group took over several key cities in Iraq using American weapons and military vehicles. ISIS has successfully defeated the majority of Iraq’s military defense although they have yet to overrun several key cities.

landThe insurgents were spotted using American gear and equipment as they took over city after city. They are reported to have the following items within their control…

  • 300 Hell-fire missiles
  • Millions of rounds of small arms fire
  • Tanks
  • Thousands of rounds of Tank ammunition
  • Helicopters
  • Helicopter fired rockets
  • Humvees
  • Explosives

With equipment such as this it is no wonder that the Iraqi army was unable to prevail against the militant organization. But In response to the Invasion, the Iraqi government virtually begged the United States for assistance.But president Obama denied their requests, stating that he did not want to put American soldiers in harms way. The Iraqi government then asked for Air assistance (drone strikes, birds-eye-view, etc) — a request that Obama also denied (no excuse given).

Thus, the militant group was able to defeat the Iraqi army because they possessed superior equipment and superior training. And on top of this, they received 5 of their top commanders back from GITMO in exchange for 1 U.S citizen (Bowe Bergdahl) who allegedly converted to Islam.

terroristsWith the Iraqi military defeated, many soldiers were forced to drop their weapons and flee for their lives — leaving many Iraqi cities uninhabited which allowed ISIS militants to seize them and declare it an Islamic Zone.

Pictures have been released showing the Muslim radicals burning loads of cigarettes while implementing Sharia Law throughout the land — thus forcing many Christians to flee into the desert for their lives.

ISIS-burning-cigarettesLucky ‘break’ for the Caliphate?

Although It could very well be coincidence that all the ‘Cards’ fell perfectly into the hands of these Islamic Radicals, I would argue that this was not happenstance at all — but rather strategic planning and execution. Clearly, someone was able to ‘pull some strings’ within America to help supply these insurgents with the tools and training that they needed to defeat the Iraqi military takeover this country.

…. But Who would want to help America’s enemies?

obamaAccording to main-stream media, these Islamic radicals gott their hands on American Gear by taking them from the Iraqi army in a gun fight. Although this could have been possible, It does not explain how these seemingly unskilled ‘Goat Herders’ could become proficient with Advanced weaponry in such a short time-span. But what is even more shocking is that not only did they have it, but they were proficient with it. Proficient enough with American weaponry to defeat the Iraqi militia and send them running for their lives.

With the Iraqi military defeated and fleeing with their tale between their legs, there was none left to protect the Christian communities that lived in the area. Therefore because there was no opposition, these radical Islamic groups quickly began rounding up all religious minorities (mainly Christians) and slaughtering them.

In the image below you can see the ISIS insurgents as they kill over 50 religious minorities dressed in civilian clothes.

slaughterPresident Obama Addresses crisis in Iraq

With no other hopes, the Iraqi Christians looked to America as their last hope in a country overrun with Islamic militants. In a presidential Address made to the American people — president Obama informed the Nation and the World that America would offer minimal assistance to the Iraqi government apart from the helpful advice of his military advisers.

“The United States will do our part, but ultimately its up to the Iraqis as a sovereign nation to solve its problems” – said president Obama to the world.

Despite the flowery speech that president Obama gave regarding the Crisis in Iraq, the main piece of advice that the president sent to the Christians being slaughtered in Iraq is… “Solve your own Problems”.

Where are the Christians in America as the brethren are slaughtered?

… who knows.

Watch the Full Address Below:



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