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Anita Dittman: ‘Jesus helped me survive Hitler’

February 3, 2015

Last week we published a video post about Katie Worthman, a woman who survived the brutal dictatorship of Adolf Hitler.

In this post we have managed to come across yet another woman who survived Hitler’s dictatorship, Anita Dittman.

Anita Dittman: ‘Jesus helped me survive Hitler’

anita dittman

As reported by WND — Anita Dittman has been speaking about the Holocaust for more than 3 decades.

In her testimony, she always shares her experience and makes sure that the audience knows that it was none other than Jesus Christ who preserved her throughout the rule of Adolf Hitler and helped her escape what she calls “Hitler’s Hell”.

trappedAnita has managed to share her message with thousands of people through the release of her book “Trapped in Hitler’s Hell” — Co-authored by Jan Markell.

You can often hear the passion and sincerity in Anita’s voice when she retells her story. She shares how initially, the dreams of her experience within the concentration camp would literally keep her awake at night.

“For years, those dreams would not go away” she said.

Anita Dittman: Speaking to all who will Listen


Anita Dittman

At the age of 87, Anita is still speaking both to large and small audiences while sharing her story with anyone willing to listen.

She shares the story of a happy 5 year-old Jewish girl when Hitler came to power in 1933 and how life for her and her family drastically changed in the next 12 years that followed Nazi rule.

Young Anita would eventually be taken into one of the concentration camps designed to house thousands of Jews until they could be “disposed of” by the Nazi regime.

Could it Happen in America?

When interviewed, Dittman was asked her thoughts on whether she saw any similarities within America that resembled Nazi Germany under Adolf Hitler.

She replied…

“When I started speaking in 1978-79, people would ask me, ‘Do you think it could happen here in this country?’ And I said, ‘Oh no, people are used to so much freedom in this country, it could never happen here,’” Said Dittman.

She continued…

“When they ask me that question now, I say, ‘It is already happening.’”

However, unlike Germany — thousands of Americans aren’t “Vanishing”. Instead rights within America are slowly (but surely) being taken away says Dittman.

“The country that I came to in 1946 was very different,” she said.

“I can’t speak in public schools anymore. They won’t let me.”

Dittman says that whenever she informs schools who want her to speak that her message will contain strong Christian values, she receives an awkward look and a polite rejection.

Anita often shares how one school administrator in Minnesota contacted her with an invitation to speak, saying she had come highly recommended by students who heard her speak before.

Dittman returned the call and left a message indicating that she would be honored to speak to the Minnesota students. However she made known that her message would contain strong Christian themes.

“I said, I have to tell you, though, that Christ is in my message.” said Dittman

“Well can’t you leave Christ out of it?” the man asked.

“He is the one who kept me safe. I can’t keep Him out,” Dittman responded.

“Well, I’m sorry then. You can’t come,” he said

America: Declining Christian values

“The doors were always open to me when I first started out speaking. And I spoke sometimes three, four, five times a day at schools,” said Dittman.

“Once I spoke in five classes, and when I came out of the fourth one, the principal said you don’t have to speak to the fifth because they are a rowdy bunch. Well, I told him, the Holy Spirit can work wonders, and they ended up being the best class of all. The kids want to hear it, the teachers want to hear it. But higher up is problem.”

Although some schools may allow Anita to speak, she has noticed a drastic decrease in the number of schools and organizations willing to allow her to share her message simply because it is ‘Christ-centered’.

There are even cases where parents must sign a permission slip stating that it is OK for their child to sit though a speech that contains Christian values. But more often than not, the parents never even get a say in the matter because the school systems reject her message immediately.

“It’s getting worse, I tell you,” said Dittman.

“It’s so dictating to the parents now. This is how it started in Russia and Germany.”

Freedom of Faith: Slowly vanishing?

Despite what many think, it is not just in the public school-systems that Freedom of speech is being suppressed — It is also happening in the pulpits of your local Churches as well as within Christian Media worldwide.

Dittman says she has friends on the East Coast who have a religious radio program, and they must now watch what they say because they are being monitored by the federal government.

“She said please don’t use the name of the man that rules our country because they are monitoring our calls,” said Dittman.

“And they even use fake names because they already got a warning sent to them.”

How can Christians Prepare for Persecution:

When asked if there was anything that Christians could do to prepare for the day that “soft” persecution becomes hard like it did in Germany or like it currently is in the middle east, Anita responded…

“The importance of faith in God would be the one thing, and the courage to speak up,” she said.

“I tell some of my students I speak to, even in secular schools, keep the faith. You can lose your homes, your schools, everything, but if you have your faith, you have everything.”

“Pray to God that when the times come, He will be with you and will see you through. Also memorize scripture because you may not always have a Bible,” she said.

“I lost my Bible during the Russian occupation, but God will remind you of the verses you need when you are in a situation where you are totally dependent on Him and your life is in danger.”

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