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VISION: Do Elites plan to Assassinate BHO to spark Race-Wars?

January 8, 2015


I am writing this blog post to share a vision that a fellow Christian had pertaining to the Current President  BHO (Barack H. Obama) and a the plan of the Global Elites to start race wars within America.

In order to protect his identity, his name will not be released.

This Christian had the vision in 2012, but did not feel led to release it to the public until January 2013.

Planned Assassination sparks Race Wars?

“Think to yourself, what day that is upcoming — that is profoundly important.
Think to yourself what day is of great significance to the United States government.
Think right now, what day millions of people (even outside the boarders of the United States) would be watching (either in person or on a television) President Obama doing something momentous. This event is meant to be purposefully given to be witnessed in the public eye”

He continued…

“On this day, which will absolutely be the most disastrous day in the United States since September 11, 2001 — Barack Hussein Obama will be Shot. This happening is not a coincidence, this is all preordained. In Biblical terms we are witnessing the birth of what is called the ‘Beast  of the Sea’ — In secular terms it is called the ‘New world Order’.”

He continued…

“The assassination attempt will be plotted and executed by the United States government via the CIA in a covert operation. The actual shooter will be a machine. It will be a remote-controlled sniper rifle. But the actual blamed culprit will be a preselected candidate — an implanted puppet.”

Race-wars: America on Fire

“The mission is to make the attempt look like it is racially motivated. It is also to be portrayed to seem as if it were religiously motivated. The scape-goat will be a white Caucasian male. They will label him as a racist against blacks. They will label him as a white supremacist. They will label him as a radical ‘Christian’.

This is all put into play to drive a huge wedge into the national community. This scape-goat MUST fit all this criteria because of what the Global elites want to accomplish. It will demonize all Christians as being ‘Terrorists’. It will set all ethnicities against one another, not just blacks and whites. It will also generalize that all whites are against Barack Hussein Obama and the rest of the black community.”

But that wasn’t all, He continued…

“They want to create global chaos like you have never witnessed in your entire life. Remember that this is all plotted, and if it is plotted then it is planned, and if it is planned then it has a goal. The Plan is to start race-riots in the entire country.

Every single person will be effected. The plan is to create animosity inside of you. It is specifically targeted to instigate whites against blacks and blacks against whites. The plan is to create national pandemonium, and over time this in turn will usher in the governance of Martial law.”

He continued…

“The intended goal is beyond absurd, the goal is to strip away every last freedom you have as a citizen of the United States of America.

The goal is to abolish the United States constitution which guarantees every single citizens rights and freedoms in the land of the free and home of the brave.

They are specifically targeting your first amendment right to free speech and religious worship.

They are specifically targeting your second amendment right to freely form a militia and bare arms.

They are specifically targeting your fourth amendment right of the protection against unreasonable searches and seizes.

The goal is to give President Barack Hussein Obama tyrannical powers as he helps to usher in the Beast of the sea — or the New World Order.”

He continued…

“Do not be deceived, this is NOT a real assassination attempt.
This is NOT a terrorist attack.
This is NOT an act of racism.

This is the exact definition of a false-flag event.

This is very simply a sinister plan to overtake the country and make every citizen a slave of the upcoming New world order.”


Although I do not personally know this gentlemen, much of what he said not only makes sense — but appears to be shaping all around us. We have noticed a drastic increase in racial tensions in 2014 dealing primarily with police officers and the black community.

Is it possible that someone is purposefully starting racial “Fires” within America with the purpose of pitting the races against one another in order to start a massive civil war?

Would they get the racial tensions almost to a “tipping point” and use the planned assassination of President Obama as the final blow to push America over the edge which would erupt in an all-out civil war that forces the government to declare Martial Law indefinitely?

What do you think?




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