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BEN CARSON: Obama ‘would’ve had seizure’ if Oregon Gunman killed Muslims instead of Christians

October 11, 2015


Carson: A Religious ‘Double Standard’?

Presidential Candidate and renown neurosurgeon Dr. Ben Carson caught some real heat after he stated that President Obama would have suffered from a “Seizure” had the gunman targeted Muslim students rather than Christian students.

Although Dr. Carson is one of few people in the spotlight willing to make such a statement on National television, he is in no way “Alone” in this belief.

Christians all over America have noticed that whenever Muslims are persecuted, It seems as if the President puts everything on hold in order to take to the airways and condemn the Islamophobia.

bomb-clockI mean, just look at what happened a couple weeks back when a Muslim student brought a home-made clock to school (that looked eerily similar to a suit-case bomb).

The teachers who reported this were written off as Islamophobic, and the President went the “Extra-mile” and invited the young man to the Whitehouse which eventually garnered him national attention and won him a few scholarships and internships with Companies like Facebook.

However when the Oregon Shooting took place not long ago, in which a gunman walked into a school and asked the students to stand-up and state their religion, and if the answer was “Christian” they were immediately shot in the head — President Obama got on Television and politicized their deaths by pushing for more gun-control.

As reported by Christian Today:

“Surging Republican presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson once again appeared to be casting doubt on President Barack Obama’s real religious leaning, saying the president would have suffered a “seizure” if the gunman who targeted Christians at a college in Oregon had singled out Muslims instead.

“He would’ve had a seizure over it,” Carson told Steve Malzberg in an exclusive interview on Newsmax TV that aired Tuesday.

In his first reaction to the Oct. 1 shooting in Roseburg, Oregon, Obama never said anything that could be construed as a condemnation of the grisly murders. Instead, he deliberately made it a point to “politicise” the incident, saying what happened only demonstrated the need for tougher gun control legislation.

Carson said this was not the first time Obama showed his “reticence” in mentioning Christians when they are being massacred, like what is happening in the Middle East.

“I’m not sure why he has so much trouble actually articulating the words. It does make you wonder a little bit,” Carson said.”


“The Second Amendment is so crucial … It was [American senator and statesman] Daniel Webster who said America would never experience tyranny because the people are armed.” he said.

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