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Boko Haram adopts ISIS ‘Religious cleansing’ Strategy, Targeting Christians


Middle East: The Christian ‘Purge’

According to sources, the Islamic militia known as Boko Haram has adopted the ‘Religious Cleansing’ strategy of ISIS and is now specifically targeting Christian cities and villages in what is being deemed the Christian Holocaust.

However what shocks me the most is that despite it’s constant brutality, the world (primarily America) continues to stand idly by as Radical Islam grows like a tumorous cancer, spreading it’s tentacles not just across the region, but worldwide.

Furthermore, as ISIS and Boko Haram continue to expand, they are sweeping across middle-eastern countries, flushing out Christians, and slaughtering anyone who ‘blasphemes’ the Islamic faith by stating that Jesus is the son of God (and not just a human).

Yet even through the persecution, Christians in the middle-east continue to stand for what they know to be true — Jesus Christ.

But when we see this happening worldwide, one can only wonder …

“Where are American Christians while our brothers are being slaughtered for the faith?”



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  • Tiffany Perry

    The blood of the saints was found in her (Babylon) so….that’s us isn t it?

    • dlundy1

      Hey Tiffany, thanks for your comment. To address your question, the Harlot in the book of Revelation is directly responsible for the slaughter of the people of God. As of now, America isn’t directly slaughtering the people of God. Instead it is directly happening by mid-east countries. However because we don’t know the future, who is to say that the day could not come where America engages in the onslaught as well. However it sure looks like something nefarious is being plotted, even within America.