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NEWS: U.S. Marine Arrested w/o Charge for “Anti-Obama” Facebook Post | Diminishing Liberty

September 18, 2014

brandon-raub-facebook-postRICHMOND, Va — Brandon Raub, a 26 year-old decorated marine fought for his country on two occasions — serving in both Iraq and Afghanistan.

During his military career, Raub received nothing but the highest praise from others in his brigade for his patriotism and dedication to the safety and security of the United States of America.

Fast-forward a few years later, Raub was drug out of his house and detained (without cause) for certain Anti-government posts that he made to his personal Facebook account.

After his arrest in 2012, Brandon Raub was forced into a psychiatric Institution and court-ordered to spend up to 30-days therein.

The court-order was later dismissed reportedly due to the uprising that could result from detaining an America veteran without proper cause.

brandon-raub-marine-interviewBrandon was later released with no charges filed against him.

As of date, Brandon Raub and his family are now suing the government for violating his 1st amendment rights and for the excessive force that was used by the officers who detained him.

U.S. Armed Forces: The Military Purge

Sadly, this is not the first occurrence in which a U.S. Veteran was persecuted for criticizing the United States government or the Commander-in-Chief.

gary-stein-marineSgt. Gary Stein who is now a former marine was also dismissed from his duty because of something he posted online.

According to Stein, he gained an interest in politics roughly 4 years ago when the Obamacare mandate was passed into law.

As he began to research the topic more, stein concluded that the Obamacare mandate was “a great travesty to — to every citizen”.

According to several sources, Stein created a Facebook Group called the Armed Forces Tea Party Patriots in which he and other like-minded patriots could gather and discuss economics and politics. The group originally had over 14,000 fans but Stein later removed it with the hopes of complying with the Marine-corps guidelines and preserving his military career.

Stein stated to several sources that he intended to be a “marine lifer”, but little did he know that his career would soon be cut short following a Facebook post in which he classified President Obama as an “Economic and Religious enemy”.

Stein attempted to defend himself by stating that he was only exercising his 1st amendment rights — however this did not prevent him from being terminated.

According to military officials, Stein had broken marine-corps policy by publicly speaking against the Commander-In-Chief by stating that he would now follow all orders from the President if he felt that they contradicted his oath to the Constitution.

It was reported that Stein also stated that he would not salute the President primarily because he feels that President Obama is essentially working against the National Security interest of America.

allen-westThis is something that Allen B. West also publicly stated on his blog post several weeks ago in which he argued that there are no other logical explanations for the President’s actions except that he is purposely and willfully working against our National Security interests.

Operation Vigilant Eagle: Identifying the Resistance

Brandon Raub and his facebook-posts were identified by Operation Vigilant Eagle — An American law-enforcement effort that aims to identify and prevent violence from alleged “White Supremacist” other “Right-wing extremist” groups.

This following a trend in America in which those who disagree with the President or say negative things regarding his policies are deemed “Racist” or “Right-Wing” extremists.

Not only has it become “un-American” to criticize the actions of the President, but you can essentially be deemed a potential “Terror Threat” if you do so much as speak against him in a negative light.

America is moving into an era where instead of the government fearing the people
— The people are being forced to fear the government.

We encouraged not to speak out against the government, but instead to trust that the government will make the best decisions for us.

As Thomas Jefferson stated…

“When government fears the people, there is liberty.
When the people fear the government, there is tyranny.”

America: Freedoms In Decline

When I first heard this story I immediately began to investigate it — although I knew that American Freedoms were indeed declining, I wasn’t quite ready to believe that the decline was so rapid that an American could be arrested for something they posted on Facebook.

…. I was wrong.

Clearly, this is in violation of the first-amendment which undoubtedly prohibits the government from creating laws that…

  • Respect the establishment of religion
  • Prohibit free exercise of religion
  • Interfere with freedom of speech
  • Interfere with the right to assemble peaceably
  • Interfere with the right to petition a government redress of grievances.

According to the 1st amendment, Raub had the freedom to criticize any branch of government — Including the highest political position (The President) without fear of retaliation, oppression, or persecution.

Yet this decorated marine was “dragged out of his house” and arrested because of something that he said on Facebook.

But here is the Kicker — He was detained Legally.

Somehow, Individuals in key political offices have been allowed to slowly (yet effectively) alter and skew laws though misinterpretation and deception.They twist constitutional law so much that it is no longer Constitutional.

In fact, modern laws have been skewed so much that many of them are no longer in compliance with the foundation guideline that our forefathers laid.


Whether it is our inability to criticize the government, the NSA’s spying on American without proper cause, or the outright abuse of power by the executive branch

—  If our founding fathers could view the land the we now consider “America” they would literally be appalled by the Nazi-style “Police-State” that we now call The Land of the Free.

To fight “Terror”, we have surrendered our Liberties.

In the name of “Tolerance”, America’s foundation has been forsaken.

In the name of “Security”, we no longer resist tyranny.

But as Benjamin Franklin famously said…

“Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.”




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