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Facebook-Purge: is FB ‘Censoring’ Conservative, Christian, & “Conspiracy” bloggers?

October 1, 2014

fb-logoRecently, I began using Facebook as one of my primary sources for traffic-generation.

For those who are unaware, Facebook is one of the easiest (and cheapest) ways to drive both targeted and relevant traffic to any website once you find a few relevant groups.

Once you join the groups all the “heavy lifting” has pretty much been done for you, the only thing that remains for you to do — is share your relevant content (not spam) to the groups.

Facebook: The initial ‘Green Light’

When I initially began sharing my content on Facebook, there was no problem whatsoever. I could easily share a new blog post to DeonVsEarth fan-page with no interruption or interference.

But as time progressed and I began sharing even more controversial (and sometimes outright critical) content pertaining to Bible Prophecy, the Government, President Obama, Islam, and Terror — strange things began happening to my Facebook account.

Facebook Problem: Can’t share to Groups?

For those of you who have never tried to share content to groups on Facebook,
here are the 8 steps involved…

  1. Go to the content
  2. Click Share
  3. Click the Drop-down button
  4. Select In a Group
  5. Type group name
  6. Wait for Facebook to populate groupName with groupLink
  7. Type Message (optional)
  8. Share


Facebook Problem: Can’t share to Groups pt.2?

Using the method above, when I tried sharing my posts to similar groups — I could not.

The steps above would work fine — right until the 6th step. (Wait for Facebook)

On average Facebook would usually figure out the group before I can even finish writing its name. But this time it was as if Facebook didn’t even try to figure out the name of the group.


Initially, when I encountered this problem I automatically assumed it was a bug in the system or something. So I would patiently wait for a few hours and ‘Poof’ — It would be up and running again.

I didn’t give it much thought, every network encounters “bugs” on occasion — I entrusted that over time I would experience this much less.

Unfortunately, my expectations were greatly disappointed.

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As I continued to share controversial content — I noticed that not only did this problem persist, but it aggressively increased.

Finally, I became fed up with the problem and decided to the bottom of this issue, even if it took me 12 hours to do so.

Facebook Test #1: Browser Problem?

The first test that I conducted was pertaining to my web-browser (Firefox).

Usually I would disable my browser’s addons and try sharing content, but I decided to kill two birds with one stone by bypassing all potential Firefox problems and downloading Google Chrome to my

So once I downloaded Chrome, I logged into my Facebook account, went to my page, attempted to share content.

What Happened?

Nothing — Nada — Zilch — It Didn’t work.

Facebook Test #2: Testing Facebook Accounts

For my second test, I decided to try sharing content from another Facebook account.

So I managed to get someone to log into their Facebook account from my computer using the same web-browser that I usually use.

This person successfully logged into their Facebook account and attempted to share the exact post that I had been attempting to share all day.

Can you Guess what happened?


So after seeing that this person could share the post — immediately after the person logged out, I logged into my own Facebook account (using the same laptop and web-browser) and tried to share the exact post once again.

Can you Guess what happened?


 Facebook: Something just ain’t right

If you are anything like me, your eye-brows are probably raised by now.

Somehow, Facebook has managed to “Block” specific users from sharing content to groups using the fastest (and easiest) method.

Therefore If a blocked individual wants to share posts to groups, they would literally have to go to each page one-by-one and post their article and links.

Though this may not seem so bad when you are only a member of 5 groups or less,
when you have dozens of groups that you want to share content with
— this can be a serious workout that makes p90x pale in comparison.

Critical thinking: Why Keep it Secret?

secretAt this point in my research I couldn’t help but wonder why would Facebook do this?

I understand that Facebook has a job to prevent spammers from abusing its network, that is understandable — But if users are violating its policies, why would they need to Secretly try to silence certain users?

Instead, why not openly alert them of their abusive behavior (as they are known to do) and warn them that they risk having their account deleted?

The only logical explanation that I could come up with is because whatever Facebook is doing is probably Illegal.

We live in a world where government and social powers are being weaponized and used to attack American citizens based on their political views.

Between the NSA‘s spying or the IRS scandal — we should not be surprised to see Facebook being used as a weapon as well.

Facebook Test #3: Anyone else having this problem?

As my final test, I decided to hit the web in search of Facebook users who may be experiencing the same problem — Here is what I found.

cant-share-post-to-facebook-group cant-share-post-to-facebook-group

Facebook: Silencing all opposition

After you study the images posted above, I have no doubt that you will begin to notice that the Common Denominator linking all of these Facebook users is their religious, political, or personal beliefs (Christian).

After conducting even more research, I found that this observation remains valid.

I therefore concluded that Facebook has engaged in a campaign that actively targets Facebook users whose religious, political, or personal beliefs don’t align with what they deem acceptable.

If you actually do a search Facebook’s FAQs (Frequently asked questions), You will see that Facebook posted the following about the problem…

“There are a few reason why you might not be able to post in a group:

  • In some groups, members’ posts must be approved by an admin
  • Some groups’ settings don’t allow members to post, and for Closed or Secret groups that allow posting, only members can post
  • If you just asked to join a group and haven’t been approved by an admin yet, you won’t be able to post until you’re approved.

If this continues to be an issue, please let us know.”

Although I have personally alerted Facebook about this problem, I have received no response. I can only imagine how many messages they have received about this problem — yet they have not addressed it.

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Because this problem is over 1 year old — one can only assume that the “Bug” many Facebook users are experiencing is a deliberate attempt to silence the freedom of speech of all political or religious dissidents (Christians, conspiracy theorists, conservatives, etc)

So to anyone reading this post that is experiencing similar problems, I would suggest that the only logical explanation for the problem you are experiencing is that you have been posting content that in some form is not “Pleasing” or “Politically Correct”.

This would include…

  • Conservative values
  • Bible Prophecy
  • End Times
  • New World Order
  • Islamic Political Incorrectness
  • Conspiracy Theory
  • Etc

Furthermore, because of your political or religious views — Facebook has added you to its “Watch List” and therefore will not suffer you to promote your “Propaganda” too widely.

If I had to guess, I would say that Facebook is probably limiting user “Shares” based on a per hour, week, or day basis (Depending on their political/religious beliefs).

Whether Facebook is to blame or The Department of Homeland Security, one thing that I believe we can be confident of is that this is only the beginning of their effort to silence all opposition. So lets get the word out before it is too late.




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