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World’s FIRST Christian Social-Media Website [Coming Soon]

What is Going on? Hey guys, Deon here. I know many of you have probably noticed that the content on DeonVsEarth has somewhat “slowed”  — Let me explain why. Some time ago, God gave me a dream/vision of a global … Continue reading

DEONVSEARTH: Are you a Christian Writer/Journalist? You don’t want to Miss this!

We are Looking for Christian Writers! Are you a Christian Writer or Journalist looking for to cultivate your writing skills while getting your message out to Thousands of like-minded readers? Well this is the perfect opportunity for you! DeonVsEarth is … Continue reading

How to Succeed in Life? First Understand that failure is not ‘Failure’

How to Succeed in Life: What is ‘Success’? I wanted to write this quick blog-post to address a something that I find many people struggle to understand. It is in regards to success and failure. In Life, you can’t base … Continue reading

ISLAM: DUKE University Under Fire for promoting weekly Muslim “Call to Prayer”

DUKE University: Embracing Islam As reported by RT — DUKE University is planning to start broadcasting a call-to-prayer for its Muslim students each week from its bell tower in Durham, North Carolina. The University announced on Tuesday that starting Friday, … Continue reading

Lesson 3 – Promoting your posts VIA Facebook Groups

Website Traffic: Where can I get it? Hey everyone, Deon Here. Have you ever written a blog post and wondered why only a handful of people ever actually see them or read them? When I first started blogging and marketing … Continue reading

Lesson 2 – Blogging from your Android/iPhone

DeonVsEarth: Mobile Blogging Hey everyone, Deon here. I wanted to create this blog post as a straightforward way of showing you all how to blog from when you are “on the go” using nothing more than a mobile device (android/iphone). … Continue reading

Lesson 1 – How to Create Great Content

Creating Great website content Hey guys, Deon here. If you are reading this then you are probably a DeonVsEarth contributor who is seeking to learn how to become a successful blogger, writer, or contributor in general — not just on … Continue reading

Are You a Christian Writer? Come Join DVE Now!

DeonVsEarth2.0: Collaboration opportunity Hey guys, Deon Here. I am writing this blog post to inform our readers that an amazing opportunity has opened up that will allow DeonVsEarth to start adopting new writers and contributors! Although up-and-until now the writing … Continue reading

How to Get Started with DeonVsEarth

Welcome to DeonVsEarth! Hey there writer! This page was  created to not only welcome you to the DeonVsEarth team, but to also give you a brief training over the essential skills necessary in becoming a writer for Below you … Continue reading

Be FEATURED on DeonVsEarth 2.0!

Hey guys, we want to hear from you! DeonVsEarth is being UPGRADED to celebrate its 1st birthday and we would like Feedback from everyone in our audience who enjoys our content. Your Photo and comment (along with others) will be … Continue reading