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How to Succeed in Life? First Understand that failure is not ‘Failure’

How to Succeed in Life: What is ‘Success’? I wanted to write this quick blog-post to address a something that I find many people struggle to understand. It is in regards to success and failure. In Life, you can’t base … Continue reading

Can I be Honest?

I can say without a shadow of a doubt, That if MY salvation was dependent on ME… I’d be in Trouble. lol But thank God that he removed my… Clumsy Faulty Disobedient Stubborn Erring and imperfect self from the equation! … Continue reading

Faulty Thinking

I say this because many Believers don’t fully understand the extent of their standing with GOD. If you ask them… “Are you going to make it In?” And they say… “I don’t really know. I Sinned today” or “I hope … Continue reading

Performance Vs Faith

So to Recap: Salvation is NOT based on Performance, it is based on Faith. BUT, although salvation is NOT based on performance, your performance will reflect what you truly believe. Therefore if you are trying to obey God’s law, your … Continue reading

It was God’s Choice, Not ours

God has Chosen to save all those who will believe. now with that said, although our salvation is not Performance based… It is our Performance that truly reveals what we really believe. For Example, If a Parent tells their Child… … Continue reading

The Free Gift

If our salvation was based on our Performance, not ONE human would be saved. But it has nothing to do with us. Instead, it is a FREE gift from God. (Ephesians 2:9)

God’s grace, Magnified.

Religion tells you, in order to be Accepted by God, you must DO (or not do) something. This is called Performance based righteousness. But Christ says “Do nothing. Just receive what I have already done”

The Beauty of Failing

Enjoy your Failures, And Celebrate your Success.

Purpose Driven

no matter how much I accomplish in a day… I always feel that somehow, … It wasn’t enough.

Working out VS working FOR

“Therefore my brethren, work out your own salvation with fear and trembling.” – Philippians 2:12 ( Notice that he said work OUT your salvation, but we are NOT working  FOR it )