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World’s FIRST Christian Social-Media Website [Coming Soon]

What is Going on? Hey guys, Deon here. I know many of you have probably noticed that the content on DeonVsEarth has somewhat “slowed”  — Let me explain why. Some time ago, God gave me a dream/vision of a global … Continue reading

ISLAM: DUKE University Under Fire for promoting weekly Muslim “Call to Prayer”

DUKE University: Embracing Islam As reported by RT — DUKE University is planning to start broadcasting a call-to-prayer for its Muslim students each week from its bell tower in Durham, North Carolina. The University announced on Tuesday that starting Friday, … Continue reading

Are You a Christian Writer? Come Join DVE Now!

DeonVsEarth2.0: Collaboration opportunity Hey guys, Deon Here. I am writing this blog post to inform our readers that an amazing opportunity has opened up that will allow DeonVsEarth to start adopting new writers and contributors! Although up-and-until now the writing … Continue reading