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TECHNOLOGY: Scientists Wirelessly Control Mice via BRAIN Implant [VIDEO]

Technological Mind Control? As technology advances, we will undoubtedly be faced with a new set of moral and ethical boundaries that, if we are not careful, could lead us down a very dark and sinister path. The purpose of this … Continue reading

TECHNOLOGY: Russian Scientists Create artificial “Brain” that can Learn

Next Gen: Artificial Intelligence According to reports, In a step to push the world closer to the type of AI (Artificial Intelligence) that we often see in movies such as “Terminator” or “Stealth” — Russian scientists have developed a physical … Continue reading

TECH: US Military developing ‘Mosquito’ Drones, (‘OFF’ spray won’t stop it)

Modern Warfare: Beware of ‘Insect’ Drones We have all experienced the annoyance of being outside on a sunny day, only to be pestered by swarms of gnats and mosquitos trying to make us their next ‘meal’. Yet although we may … Continue reading

TECH: Scientists use LASERS to project ‘Ghost Rider’ onto Clouds

Technology: ‘Ghost Rider’ in the Skies As Technology continues to advance, I can’t help but wonder whether the technological advancements we are seeing today be used to benefit mankind, or to deceive the masses. According to reports, Scientists managed to … Continue reading

EDUCATION: Man Sues school for teaching his daughter ‘Evolution religion’

Evolution, the latest Religion? A West Virginia man is suing education officials for teaching his daughter about Evolution, stating that it is a religion and represents the “propagation of religious Faith”. In a scathing four-page complaint filed against local, state … Continue reading

REPORT: Evolutionists [now] suspect that early snake probably ‘Walked’

Early Snakes had feet and ‘Walked’ ? According to research published in the journal BMC evolutionary Biology, some scientists now believe that nearly 128 million years ago, the early snake was a creature that possessed a small set of hind-legs … Continue reading

GOOGLE: Files Patent for Toys that control your home (and watch your children Sleep)

Google to create ‘Watch Bots’? Starting with the mysterious ‘Page Rank’ algorithm that launched it to the forefront of the Search-Engine battle,  Google has always strove to be the world’s foremost leader in technological innovation. Google has now taken the … Continue reading

Experts say tracking kids via Micro-Technology is ‘Around the Corner’ [VIDEO]

Micro-Technology: The World of Tomorrow, or Today? Although the topic has already come and gone in the minds of most people, Micro-technology continues to gain momentum as the world’s most viable, affordable, and efficient method for keeping track of things. … Continue reading

GOOGLE: New Algorithm only shows you INFO they say is ‘TRUE’

Google: Fact or Fiction? As we all know, the Internet is a marvelous tool that allows the rapid spread of information in literally micro-seconds. With that being said, one would be remiss if they failed to mention that there is … Continue reading

‘Noah’s Ark 2.0’: Russia to build world’s first DNA Databank for all life

Russia to Build Genetic ‘Noah’s Ark’ Unlike the biblical account of Noah, Russia is not planning to build an ark that is 300 cubits in length, 50 cubits in breadth (width), and 30 cubits in height. Instead Russia has just … Continue reading