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Suspect Falls apart when Judge recognizes him from Middle-School [VIDEO]

Courtroom Reunion While standing in Court early last year, Arthur Booth (accused burglar) was shocked when the judge asked him a question he obviously wasn’t expecting. “Mr Booth, I have a question for you” said the judge. “Yes Ma’m” he … Continue reading

VIDEO: Watch Kirk Franklin & KANYE WEST “Minister” on SNL

GOSPEL: Kirk Franklin Welcomes Kanye into “Gospel Music” It is no secret that Kirk Franklin has made a series of statements since the release of his new album “Losing My Religion” that has caused many Christians to question his stance … Continue reading

VIDEO: Group ‘praise dances’ on Hoverboards? Watch This

Praise Dancing on Hoverboards? Now don’t get me wrong, being a “Techy” person myself — I personally feel that sometimes, the application of new Technologies can be a good thing, even in Church. When tablets and ipads were invented — … Continue reading

HOMELAND SECURITY: Officials Warn, Obama’s “Refugee” Policy could Welcome ISIS

Watch the latest video at Syrian Crisis: Could ISIS exploit? Amid the Syrian Civil War, roughly 4 Million Syrians have fled the region and are currently seeking shelter in some of the neighboring Countries. However according to reports, The … Continue reading

TECHNOLOGY: Scientists Wirelessly Control Mice via BRAIN Implant [VIDEO]

Technological Mind Control? As technology advances, we will undoubtedly be faced with a new set of moral and ethical boundaries that, if we are not careful, could lead us down a very dark and sinister path. The purpose of this … Continue reading

Presidential SLIP? ‘We are Training ISIL (ISIS) Forces’ [VIDEO]

ISIS/ISIL – The ‘Invisible’ Threat Roughly 3 years ago, no one had heard of the Terror group known as ISIS/ISIL. However everyone was somewhat familiar with Al Qaeda and Osama Bin Laden. In fact, I still remember the 2011 night … Continue reading

ISRAEL to world: ‘We are not bound by Iran Deal, we will Defend ourselves’

Israel’s response to a Nuclear Iran: As the discussion on the Nuclear Deal between Western Powers and Iran continues — We are witnessing a very heated debate not just between Americans, but between our partners and allies in the middle-east … Continue reading

REPORT: Computer ‘Glitch’ grounds ALL United Airlines Flights [VIDEO]

Computer glitch shuts down airways: According to reports, thousands of United Airlines passengers were ‘Grounded’ all around the world Wednesday due to a computer glitch that reportedly halted all system operations. About 3,000 flights are believed to have been affected … Continue reading

VIDEO: Urgent Message, The Church Must Turn back to God!

America in Spiritual Decline: Who’s Fault is It? When we look at everything currently taking place in America, Christians sometimes have the tendency to place all the blame on the “Unbelievers”. “If it weren’t for those sinners, the World would … Continue reading

VIDEO: NASA releases breath-taking footage, You will never view EARTH the same.

‘Meaning’, Something we all Seek Sometimes we get so distracted trying to find that ‘Big Moment’ that makes life worth living that we unwittingly miss out on the thousands of tiny (yet valuable) moments and experiences that truly give meaning … Continue reading