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Activists demand Obama Act to stop slaughter of Christians in mid-east

As reported by Christian Headlines — “WASHINGTON (RNS) Beheadings, enslavement, kidnappings and rape plague minority religious communities across the Middle East, and it’s time for President Obama to fill a job created to address their plight, a group of prominent … Continue reading

RELIGION: Satanic Group Set to Evangelize kids, Bibles Banned.

The Moral Decline: For years we have witnessed a decline in American values where, in the name of “Tolerance” and religious Freedoms, many have been indoctrinated into no longer recognizing the clear distinction between right and wrong, good and evil. … Continue reading

Nickelodeon: indoctrinated 1990s Generation to accept “Prometheus” Theory

Hey guys, Deon Here. While surfing online I stumbled into a cartoon that I watched as a kid named “Prometheus and Bob”. If you were a kid in the 1990s — you probably grew up with this cartoon as well … Continue reading

Rob Bell to Opera: A Church that doesn’t accept Homosexuality is ‘Irrelevant’

Rob Bell, former pastor of Mars Hill Church, has definitely raised some eyebrows for his ‘evolving’ version of Christianity and the Bible. This ‘Pastor’ authored a book entitled “Love Wins” that not only questions the existence of the Christian view … Continue reading

False Prophet deceives congregation into eating grass [VIDEO]

Hey guys, Deon here. As I was searching the web I ended up stumbling across this video. Although I do not know who this man is, I was completely appalled by what I was seeing. In this video, the first … Continue reading

End Times | The truth behind The “Alien Astronaut” agenda [VIDEO]

OBJECTIVE: The objective of this blog post is to explain the phenomena that many refer to as “Alien activity” from a Biblical perspective. This post is not making a definitive claim of how future events will occur, but it is … Continue reading

3 stages of ‘Jihad’ | Why Islam can NEVER be a religion of Peace [VIDEO]

Although Islam indeed paints itself as a religion of peace — when you dig into the heart of the religion as well its ancient texts (such as the Qur’an and Sunnah) you find that true Islam is nothing like it … Continue reading

Who is The “god” of Islam? This Article may Shock You

Who do you Worship? In the Islamic Faith, the name Allah simply translates as “God”. Because this is true, there are actually Christians living in the middle east who use the word “Allah” when referencing the Christian God. However it … Continue reading