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OPINION: Race-Wars, Riots, and Terrorism. Being used as Diversion? You won’t believe This.

Preface: Although I contemplated writing this post a thousand times, each time I  would somehow fool myself into “letting things slide” under the hopes that maybe (just maybe) — many of the seemingly suspicious things unfolding in the news could … Continue reading

PODCAST: Islam, Religion of Peace or Conquest?

A Historical Perspective on Islam With much of the controversy currently clouding the 2016 Presidential Election, it is crucially important that we address many of our Nation’s pressing problems — especially those concerning the safety and security of our Country. … Continue reading

VIDEO: ISIS burning Bibles and Christian Literature in Mosul

Eradicating Christianity in the Region For quite some time now, America has been aware that ISIS is relentlessly pushing to eradicate Christianity from the Regions in which they dominate. However it would appear that the terror organization is now taking … Continue reading

REPORT: ISIS still killing Christians, Pres. Obama won’t call it “Genocide”

Christian Genocide in the Mid-East Since it’s emergence in roughly 2012, The radical Islamic group once known as “ISIS” has only been established under the Obama Administration. And if it weren’t for Russian intervention in Syria, they would be established … Continue reading

PARIS Attack: Coordinated Terror strike Kills 100+

Terror Strikes Paris Despite being famously known as the “City of Love”, Paris faced what some have deemed to be the worst Terror attack to ever strike the major European City. According to reports, 100+ people were brutally murdered because … Continue reading

REPORT: 7th Graders told “Allah is the Only God” in Classroom

Islamic Indoctrination in Public School System? Maury County, TN — According to reports, 7th graders in Spring Hill Middle school spent roughly 3 weeks covering Islam in a social-studies course. However during that time students were encouraged to declare that … Continue reading

FBI Director: ‘Agency overwhelmed by rapid Muslim Immigration to US’ [VIDEO]

Immigration or Invasion? According to reports, The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is being overwhelmed in it’s fight against radical Islam due to the massive number of Muslim immigrants migrating to America. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the current … Continue reading

CENTCOM: 50+ Intelligence agents say Obama Admin hiding truth about ISIS

The Fight against ISIS: Not Going So Well? Since the emergence of ISIS roughly two years ago, Americans were initially assured that ISIS was not a real threat. The Obama Administration made sure that Americans knew this by comparing the … Continue reading

HOMELAND SECURITY: Officials Warn, Obama’s “Refugee” Policy could Welcome ISIS

Watch the latest video at Syrian Crisis: Could ISIS exploit? Amid the Syrian Civil War, roughly 4 Million Syrians have fled the region and are currently seeking shelter in some of the neighboring Countries. However according to reports, The … Continue reading

REPORT: Imam risks life to Convert to Christianity, ‘The Bible is my Weapon’

Imam converts to Christianity A Former Muslim Cleric (preacher) who converted to Christianity after encountering Jesus Christ in a dream — has now been ostracized from his family and brutally beaten and persecuted for his conversion from Islam. However he … Continue reading