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VIDEO: Teens try to Summon Demon named ‘Charlie’, Facebook-Challenge

‘Charlie’ challenge: Teens Delve into the Occult SOCIAL MEDIA — Do you remember the ‘Challenges’ that were going around not long ago that had kids doing amazingly stupid things? The Ice-challenge had kids pouring ice on themselves, the Fire-challenge had … Continue reading

They Sold their Souls for Rock’N Roll | The truth behind Hard-Rock Music [VIDEO series]

The video series you are about to watch is a documentary that exposes many of the secrets in the rock industry that have been hiding in plain sight from the general public. Although many people have been trained to think … Continue reading

False Prophet deceives congregation into eating grass [VIDEO]

Hey guys, Deon here. As I was searching the web I ended up stumbling across this video. Although I do not know who this man is, I was completely appalled by what I was seeing. In this video, the first … Continue reading

John Todd: Masonry, exact replica of Witchcraft initiation [VIDEO]

Who is John Todd? John Todd (formerly John Collins) was a former witch who was converted out of the depths of Satanism and converted to the kingdom of light through the power of Christ. When asked about his conversion to … Continue reading