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TNA: Female Wrestler and Playboy Model drops Career to pursue Christ

Taryn Terrel converts to Christianity In a move that left many of her former friends, employers, and co-workers stunned, former WWE Wrestler and Playboy model Taryn Terrell dropped both of her careers in order to pursue Jesus Christ. Taryn Terrell … Continue reading

MEEKE ADDISON: ‘Sexual orientation NOT EQUAL to Racial Discrimination’

Meeke Speaks Out on Same-sex ruling: Christian Activist and Radio Personality Meeke Addison is speaking out against the Supreme-Court ruling that upheld same-sex ‘marriage’ last Tuesday. The ruling concluded that marriage is a Constitutional Right for all Americans and therefore … Continue reading

VIDEO: NASA releases breath-taking footage, You will never view EARTH the same.

‘Meaning’, Something we all Seek Sometimes we get so distracted trying to find that ‘Big Moment’ that makes life worth living that we unwittingly miss out on the thousands of tiny (yet valuable) moments and experiences that truly give meaning … Continue reading

Christian Florist could lose Business for refusing same-sex Wedding

Christian Business takes a Hit: A Christian Florist and Grandmother who refused to provide flowers for a same-sex wedding because of her Christian Faith has since been sued and (in addition) must pay the legal fees of the gay-couple which … Continue reading

TOUCHING: Girl paralyzed from waist down surprises Favorite Nurse, by WALKING

Paralyzed girl Walks: DENTON, Texas — A video was posted to Facebook last week that shows the reaction of a nurse when she sees one of her paralyzed patients stand up for the first time in 11 days. Bailey Murril … Continue reading

How to Succeed in Life? First Understand that failure is not ‘Failure’

How to Succeed in Life: What is ‘Success’? I wanted to write this quick blog-post to address a something that I find many people struggle to understand. It is in regards to success and failure. In Life, you can’t base … Continue reading

QUESTION: How Old Is God?

How Old is God: Everlasting One Question that many people are asking is “How Old is God?” If you ask different people this question, you will probably get multiple different (and conflicting) answers — However we can find the answer … Continue reading

Rob Bell to Opera: A Church that doesn’t accept Homosexuality is ‘Irrelevant’

Rob Bell, former pastor of Mars Hill Church, has definitely raised some eyebrows for his ‘evolving’ version of Christianity and the Bible. This ‘Pastor’ authored a book entitled “Love Wins” that not only questions the existence of the Christian view … Continue reading

SHOCKING: More black babies ‘Aborted’ in NYC than BORN | Ethnic Genocide

Earlier this year, the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene office released a report titled “Summary of Vital Statistics 2012, The City of New York, Pregnancy Outcomes” As expected, the report indicated an exceedingly high number of … Continue reading

Watch as Christians celebrate Jesus for Christmas, not Santa [VIDEO]

While surfing the internet, I stumbled across the following video and I must say that it has truly blessed my heart. As we move closer to the holidays, it is important that Christians everywhere remember why (and what) we celebrate … Continue reading