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MEEKE ADDISON: ‘Sexual orientation NOT EQUAL to Racial Discrimination’

Meeke Speaks Out on Same-sex ruling: Christian Activist and Radio Personality Meeke Addison is speaking out against the Supreme-Court ruling that upheld same-sex ‘marriage’ last Tuesday. The ruling concluded that marriage is a Constitutional Right for all Americans and therefore … Continue reading

How to Succeed in Life? First Understand that failure is not ‘Failure’

How to Succeed in Life: What is ‘Success’? I wanted to write this quick blog-post to address a something that I find many people struggle to understand. It is in regards to success and failure. In Life, you can’t base … Continue reading

No More Distractions | This Powerful [VIDEO] Will Blow You Away

When I was surfing online, I came across this video and was blown away by both the fundamental and spiritual truths that can be found hiding within this pantomime. So many times in life we can get caught up in … Continue reading

How God answered My Prayer in 3 Seconds | This Will Blow Your Mind

As many of you know, DeonVsEarth was a God-Inspired idea that presented itself to me one day while reading. It started off as nothing more than a sheet of paper with the words “Deon Vs Earth” scribbled on it (along … Continue reading

Genesis 1:1 | In The Beginning…

Scientific Proof of God Although I have always been aware of God’s infinite power – when I saw this image I was genuinely blown away. The evidence of God is so well embedded into all life that all of God’s … Continue reading

Nothing Can Separate Us

In Life, troubles will come…But I am convinced, that neither ‪Death‬, nor ‪‎Life‬, nor ‪Angels‬, nor ‪Kingdoms‬, nor ‪Principalities‬, nor ‪Powers‬, nor things ‪Present‬, nor things ‪YetToCome‬ …can separate us from the ‪‎LOVE‬ that we have found in Jesus Christ. … Continue reading

The Christian “Panic Attack” | Are you Trusting God?

Have you ever just been so Sad that It got to the point that you wanted to lay down and never get up? Have you ever been so Depressed that when you wanted to pray, you couldn’t find the strength … Continue reading


Now personally, I always thought that Atheism was crazy… But after looking at this picture, we can see just how insane it really is.

How did All nations come from ONE couple? | Answered

I was on Facebook today and I encountered one of those bible-skeptics that we all know and love so much. And while discussing it with her, she presented a question and I wanted to not only answer this question for … Continue reading

How we “Baby Step” our way to Christ

Many times as Christians we convince ourselves that the day we give our lives to Christ, that is the day that we automatically become perfect. It is as if we expect God to split the sky and send down a … Continue reading