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Will you Trust GOD, even if it HURTS? | Life-Lesson

Today, as I was praying I began to ask GOD to reveal himself not only to me — but to Christian’s worldwide. I know that sometimes it can be easy for Christians to get consumed in the cares of this … Continue reading

The Christian “Panic Attack” | Are you Trusting God?

Have you ever just been so Sad that It got to the point that you wanted to lay down and never get up? Have you ever been so Depressed that when you wanted to pray, you couldn’t find the strength … Continue reading

Life Lesson #1 – Do it Right

When I was younger, I remember misbehaving one day and as punishment for my behavior, my parents informed me to “see to it” that the dishes were washed. Well, I considered this an indirect command, simply because they did not … Continue reading