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QUESTION: How Old Is God?

How Old is God: Everlasting One Question that many people are asking is “How Old is God?” If you ask different people this question, you will probably get multiple different (and conflicting) answers — However we can find the answer … Continue reading

Question: Why would a Loving GOD create HELL? | [ Learn Why ]

Whenever I am sharing my Christian faith with a person, I usually begin the conversation by explaining GOD‘s personality and his characteristics. So you will usually hear me go quickly go through words such as… Loving Patient Merciful Forgiving Longsuffering … Continue reading

Is God angry with Me? | Conviction Vs Condemnation

As a Christian, have you ever done something that you know you probably should not have done? Have you ever felt that God was angry with you for your actions, even after repenting of it? I am sure that many … Continue reading

Did you know that the ‘Gay-Pride’ Flag Actually Mocks God? See How| Biblical History

PREFACE: The purpose of this article is not to promote violence or other negative gestures against those of the homosexual community — instead, the goal of this article is to address the topic from a Christian perspective while comparing the … Continue reading

Genesis 1:1 | In The Beginning…

Scientific Proof of God Although I have always been aware of God’s infinite power – when I saw this image I was genuinely blown away. The evidence of God is so well embedded into all life that all of God’s … Continue reading

“Does The Bible says Rape is Okay?” | False Facts Exposed

Does the Bible Support the Rape of Women? In discussions with non-Christians, we often hear falsified claims against the bible that are never based on factual evidence — but rather are based on faulty (and often biased) assumptions. But what … Continue reading

Watch 180 Movie FREE | Living Waters Ministries

In Today’s society, It is sometimes very easy to be swept away by Conformity. The things that would once be ridiculed, are now being widely accepted across the planet. What’s even worse, even some who claim to be Christians are … Continue reading

Was King James Gay? | Questions Answered

This rumor has been floating around the web and the christian community for quite some time now and I thought it was about time that I addressed it once and for all. Was King James A homosexual? Although there are … Continue reading

The Christian “Panic Attack” | Are you Trusting God?

Have you ever just been so Sad that It got to the point that you wanted to lay down and never get up? Have you ever been so Depressed that when you wanted to pray, you couldn’t find the strength … Continue reading