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DREAM: The ‘Clash’ of Western Civilization and Sharia

DISCLAIMER: The post you are about to read is the revelation of my own personal dream. In no way is this post attempting to “Foretell the future”, instead I am simply sharing what I have seen. Although no human knows … Continue reading

DREAM: Islamic gangs coming to America?

DREAM: Islamic Gangs in America Hey guys, I wanted write this quick post to share a dream I had a few weeks back. I wish I had shared it earlier because some of the details have slipped away from me, … Continue reading

VISION: Iran Launches Nuclear offensive against America

The ‘Breathing’ Shield: In a dream/vision, I was taken to the middle-east,from there I saw the Nation of Israel. Around Israel was some sort of force-field that completely encamped itself around the nation. Furthermore the force-field was transparent, yet it … Continue reading

John P. Jackson: ‘A Warning to America’ [VIDEO]| This will blow your mind

John Paul Jackson:’A Prophecy to America’ Hey readers, Deon here. I was doing a little online research when I eventually stumbled across this video which shares an almost 10 year-old prophetic warning to America by John P. Jackson of … Continue reading

DREAM: America, The Police-State

Hey guys, Deon Here. I am writing this blog post to share a dream that I had in mid 2014. In my dream, I was with my family, Church family, and friends and for some odd reason we were being … Continue reading

DREAM: America being Sabotaged from within?

The Dream: Hey guys, Deon Here. I have been extremely busy for the last couple of months, but today I have finally gotten around to sharing a dream that I had almost 3 months back. In this dream, I was … Continue reading

VISION: Do Elites plan to Assassinate BHO to spark Race-Wars?

I am writing this blog post to share a vision that a fellow Christian had pertaining to the Current President  BHO (Barack H. Obama) and a the plan of the Global Elites to start race wars within America. In order … Continue reading

DREAM: United States Invaded by United Nations

I just wanted to write this quick blog post to share a dream that I had a while back pertaining to the United States and the United Nations. In this dream, there were droves and droves of outraged Americans in … Continue reading

DREAM: Beautiful “White” planet approaching Earth, BUT RUN!

Dream: The White Planet In this dream, it was night-time (presumably near midnight). Many people were standing outside for some reason, and while they were standing outside under the stars they were talking and making regular conversation. Then all of … Continue reading

I ASKED GOD FOR A SIGN: You won’t believe what happened | 666 in America

Christians are living in a time of unprecedented signs and prophetic happenings. In addition, it seems that with each passing day — we are marching toward eternity at the speed of light. Biblical prophesies are being fulfilled at such an … Continue reading