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CALIPHATE: What Every Christian needs to Know about 2014-2016 [VIDEO]

Establishing the Caliphate: Hey guys, Deon Here. I am writing this quick blog post to share a video with our readers that gives not only a brief overview of what is happening within America, but what is happening world-wide. When … Continue reading

John P. Jackson: ‘A Warning to America’ [VIDEO]| This will blow your mind

John Paul Jackson:’A Prophecy to America’ Hey readers, Deon here. I was doing a little online research when I eventually stumbled across this video which shares an almost 10 year-old prophetic warning to America by John P. Jackson of … Continue reading

I ASKED GOD FOR A SIGN: You won’t believe what happened | 666 in America

Christians are living in a time of unprecedented signs and prophetic happenings. In addition, it seems that with each passing day — we are marching toward eternity at the speed of light. Biblical prophesies are being fulfilled at such an … Continue reading

DREAM: ‘ISIS is a Puppet’ — United States being “Set-up”

DISCLAIMER: The post you are about to read is the revelation of my own personal dream. In no way is this post attempting to “Foretell the future”, instead I am simply sharing what I have seen. Although no human knows … Continue reading

How God answered My Prayer in 3 Seconds | This Will Blow Your Mind

As many of you know, DeonVsEarth was a God-Inspired idea that presented itself to me one day while reading. It started off as nothing more than a sheet of paper with the words “Deon Vs Earth” scribbled on it (along … Continue reading