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Iranian Muslim gives Life to Christ [VIDEO] | Amazing Story

What are you willing to give? I stumbled across this video the other day and I was greatly moved by this man’s message. As American Christians, most of us have grown up in a predominantly free and Christian society. In … Continue reading

Anita Dittman: ‘Jesus helped me survive Hitler’

Last week we published a video post about Katie Worthman, a woman who survived the brutal dictatorship of Adolf Hitler. In this post we have managed to come across yet another woman who survived Hitler’s dictatorship, Anita Dittman. Anita Dittman: … Continue reading

Alice Cooper: “The World belongs to Satan” | Rock-Star gives life to Christ [VIDEO]

Alice Cooper gives his life to Christ For those of you who don’t know Alice Cooper, Cooper was a multimillion-dollar mega rock-star who gave up his partying days and “wild-boy” lifestyle after he had a radical encounter with Jesus Christ. … Continue reading

John Todd: Masonry, exact replica of Witchcraft initiation [VIDEO]

Who is John Todd? John Todd (formerly John Collins) was a former witch who was converted out of the depths of Satanism and converted to the kingdom of light through the power of Christ. When asked about his conversion to … Continue reading

URGENT: Ugandan Pastor’s Urgent Message to AMERICAN Christians [VIDEO]

About Pastor Umar Mulinde The video below is the heart-warming story of pastor Umar Mulinde and how God spared his life one dreadful night when he was attacked by Islamic radicals. Umar was raised Muslim, but was later converted to … Continue reading