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Christians rebuke Tornado in Jesus’ name, Watch what Happens [VIDEO]

Power in the Name of Jesus: When Jesus was teaching his disciples about the Kingdom of God, they often marvelled at the miraculous signs and wonders that accompanied his message. However as they sat in amazement, Jesus told them something … Continue reading

End Times | The truth behind The “Alien Astronaut” agenda [VIDEO]

OBJECTIVE: The objective of this blog post is to explain the phenomena that many refer to as “Alien activity” from a Biblical perspective. This post is not making a definitive claim of how future events will occur, but it is … Continue reading

Was EBOLA epidemic foretold in Popular 2014 Movies? | [VIDEO]

Has Ebola Been in our face all along? In this video-series, you will be taken step-by-step down into the rabbit-hole of several popular movies. It is only there that you will begin to notice many of the subtle clues that … Continue reading

UN: ‘World has 60 day deadline to stop Ebola… or Else’ | [VIDEO]

Last Updated: 10/18/14 In a public address, the ‘Ebola Mission chief’ to United Nations (UN) Anthony Branbury announced that the world has no later than 60 days from October 1, 2014 to halt the progression of the Ebola virus world-wide … Continue reading

BROADCAST: Why do they keep practicing ‘Emergency Broadcasts’ ?

NOTE: This post is NOT solely addressing the Television broadcasts that have been around for years, but rather the NEWER broadcasts methods that have emerged such as phone calls, text messages, and local sirens. Early one morning (around 5am) I … Continue reading

FMR CIA Director: Could EMP-attack send America back to ‘Dark Ages’ ? [VIDEO]

America: Leader of the Free World Since its inception, the United States has made a valiant effort to be at the forefront of all technological advancements. It was this ambition that allowed America to surpass surrounding nations and establish itself … Continue reading