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Illuminati: ‘How we will use the Poor and Ignorant to Birth the NWO’

The Plan: As an African American man, having understood and experienced many of the hardships currently plaguing African American communities — Not only do I Love the members of my race, but I am honestly sympathetic to the struggle. However … Continue reading

Suspect Falls apart when Judge recognizes him from Middle-School [VIDEO]

Courtroom Reunion While standing in Court early last year, Arthur Booth (accused burglar) was shocked when the judge asked him a question he obviously wasn’t expecting. “Mr Booth, I have a question for you” said the judge. “Yes Ma’m” he … Continue reading

VIDEO: Group ‘praise dances’ on Hoverboards? Watch This

Praise Dancing on Hoverboards? Now don’t get me wrong, being a “Techy” person myself — I personally feel that sometimes, the application of new Technologies can be a good thing, even in Church. When tablets and ipads were invented — … Continue reading

SUPREME COURT: TEXANS push back against ‘Gay-marriage’ ruling

TEXAS: ‘Only GOD is Supreme’ The top law officer in Texas has called the most recent Supreme-Court decision a “lawless ruling” and has since vowed to fight against it by supporting state-employees who refuse to marry same-sex couples on ‘religious’ … Continue reading

REPORT: Burglar Eats left over chicken-wings, Falls asleep in Guest-room

This is why you shouldn’t ‘Sleep’ on the Job According to reports, a man is now in jail because he reportedly ransacked a couple’s home in New Hampshire. Renaud “Junior” Plaisir, The Burglar, reportedly snuck into the home while the … Continue reading

VIDEO: NASA releases breath-taking footage, You will never view EARTH the same.

‘Meaning’, Something we all Seek Sometimes we get so distracted trying to find that ‘Big Moment’ that makes life worth living that we unwittingly miss out on the thousands of tiny (yet valuable) moments and experiences that truly give meaning … Continue reading

VIDEO: Teens try to Summon Demon named ‘Charlie’, Facebook-Challenge

‘Charlie’ challenge: Teens Delve into the Occult SOCIAL MEDIA — Do you remember the ‘Challenges’ that were going around not long ago that had kids doing amazingly stupid things? The Ice-challenge had kids pouring ice on themselves, the Fire-challenge had … Continue reading

VIDEO: Strange ‘Sci-Fi’ sounds coming from Sky, LISTEN

The Sound of ‘Trumpet’ Blasts? All over the world, there are strange noises being heard that sound like something out of a Science Fiction Novel. Whenever I hear the sounds in the video, immediately I think about the movie “War … Continue reading

DeonVsEarth FREE Membership?

Hey guys, we apologize for the momentary delay in Content. We have been working on an upcoming project that could result in DeonVsEarth becoming a FREE Membership as well as a FREE blog! However before we pursue this concept we … Continue reading

Woman told daughter died at Birth. 49 years later, She Meets Her [VIDEO]

The Reunion: As reported by Fox2Now — 49 years ago, a woman was told that her daughter died just hours after being born. With a broken heart, she left the hospital having no idea that her child was still alive. … Continue reading