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VIDEO: Group ‘praise dances’ on Hoverboards? Watch This

Praise Dancing on Hoverboards? Now don’t get me wrong, being a “Techy” person myself — I personally feel that sometimes, the application of new Technologies can be a good thing, even in Church. When tablets and ipads were invented — … Continue reading

REPORT: Burglar Eats left over chicken-wings, Falls asleep in Guest-room

This is why you shouldn’t ‘Sleep’ on the Job According to reports, a man is now in jail because he reportedly ransacked a couple’s home in New Hampshire. Renaud “Junior” Plaisir, The Burglar, reportedly snuck into the home while the … Continue reading

Watch as man TEARS UP the Church dance floor! | Oh Happy Day

No matter who you are or how bad your day may have been going so far, I am almost certain that this video will do nothing short of make you smile if not outright laugh! I am not sure why, … Continue reading

Watch this cute pup “puppy-dance” when he spots his owner! [VIDEO]

I know sometimes its easy to get swept away in the latest news and events, but because there is always something bad happening in the world around us — sometimes too much negative news can make one a little gloomy … Continue reading

Can You figure out the name of this song? (Please don’t Laugh)

I’m sure we all have experienced a moment like this whether in church, at an event, or even a family gathering. But For some reason it never seems to get any less humorous! Watch as the woman finally gets the … Continue reading