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Suspect Falls apart when Judge recognizes him from Middle-School [VIDEO]

Courtroom Reunion While standing in Court early last year, Arthur Booth (accused burglar) was shocked when the judge asked him a question he obviously wasn’t expecting. “Mr Booth, I have a question for you” said the judge. “Yes Ma’m” he … Continue reading

VIDEO: Group ‘praise dances’ on Hoverboards? Watch This

Praise Dancing on Hoverboards? Now don’t get me wrong, being a “Techy” person myself — I personally feel that sometimes, the application of new Technologies can be a good thing, even in Church. When tablets and ipads were invented — … Continue reading

VIDEO: NASA releases breath-taking footage, You will never view EARTH the same.

‘Meaning’, Something we all Seek Sometimes we get so distracted trying to find that ‘Big Moment’ that makes life worth living that we unwittingly miss out on the thousands of tiny (yet valuable) moments and experiences that truly give meaning … Continue reading

VIDEO: Strange ‘Sci-Fi’ sounds coming from Sky, LISTEN

The Sound of ‘Trumpet’ Blasts? All over the world, there are strange noises being heard that sound like something out of a Science Fiction Novel. Whenever I hear the sounds in the video, immediately I think about the movie “War … Continue reading

Woman told daughter died at Birth. 49 years later, She Meets Her [VIDEO]

The Reunion: As reported by Fox2Now — 49 years ago, a woman was told that her daughter died just hours after being born. With a broken heart, she left the hospital having no idea that her child was still alive. … Continue reading

VIRAL: Despite all Odds, Watch 2-year old kid take his first steps

As reported by ABC News — “A 2-year-old born with a rare birth defect that resulted in the amputations of both a foot and a leg is proving to be an inspiration after a YouTube video captured him saying, “I … Continue reading

Watch this cute pup “puppy-dance” when he spots his owner! [VIDEO]

I know sometimes its easy to get swept away in the latest news and events, but because there is always something bad happening in the world around us — sometimes too much negative news can make one a little gloomy … Continue reading

Watch as this 2 year old girl shares her Bible Knowledge! [VIDEO]

I was on Facebook when I ran across this video the other day and I must say that I was blown away by this little girl. Yatta has just begun taking her ‘Bible Foundation’ class and has already been ‘on … Continue reading