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VIDEO: NASA releases breath-taking footage, You will never view EARTH the same.

‘Meaning’, Something we all Seek Sometimes we get so distracted trying to find that ‘Big Moment’ that makes life worth living that we unwittingly miss out on the thousands of tiny (yet valuable) moments and experiences that truly give meaning … Continue reading

Is God angry with Me? | Conviction Vs Condemnation

As a Christian, have you ever done something that you know you probably should not have done? Have you ever felt that God was angry with you for your actions, even after repenting of it? I am sure that many … Continue reading

In the depth of the Darkness

In the depth of the Darkness… There is nothing hidden from God’s eyes… He sees the depth of the deep. The “Secrets” of the Wise, and the “thoughts” of the Foolish. They are plainly visible to him, even as the … Continue reading