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SUPREME COURT: TEXANS push back against ‘Gay-marriage’ ruling

TEXAS: ‘Only GOD is Supreme’ The top law officer in Texas has called the most recent Supreme-Court decision a “lawless ruling” and has since vowed to fight against it by supporting state-employees who refuse to marry same-sex couples on ‘religious’ … Continue reading

REPORT: Burglar Eats left over chicken-wings, Falls asleep in Guest-room

This is why you shouldn’t ‘Sleep’ on the Job According to reports, a man is now in jail because he reportedly ransacked a couple’s home in New Hampshire. Renaud “Junior” Plaisir, The Burglar, reportedly snuck into the home while the … Continue reading

VIDEO: Teens try to Summon Demon named ‘Charlie’, Facebook-Challenge

‘Charlie’ challenge: Teens Delve into the Occult SOCIAL MEDIA — Do you remember the ‘Challenges’ that were going around not long ago that had kids doing amazingly stupid things? The Ice-challenge had kids pouring ice on themselves, the Fire-challenge had … Continue reading

DeonVsEarth FREE Membership?

Hey guys, we apologize for the momentary delay in Content. We have been working on an upcoming project that could result in DeonVsEarth becoming a FREE Membership as well as a FREE blog! However before we pursue this concept we … Continue reading

REPORT: Bank of Israel sets interest rate at all-time Low

According to sources — after a period of several months keeping interest rates steady at 0.25 percent, the Bank of Israel lowered its rate to 0.1 percent, the lowest in Israel’s history. This new interest rate is 0.4 percentage points … Continue reading

Syrian Christians: ‘We only have the Almighty Left to Protect us’

On Monday, ISIS rampaged through Christian Assyrian villages in an onslaught that has yet to make prominent headlines in America. The Vice president of the Assyrian Church in Lebanon (Yatroun Colliana) noted that… “ISIS terrorists carried out this attack against … Continue reading

DREAM: Terror is not coming to America, Its already Here

Hey guys, Deon Here. I am writing this blog post to share a Dream that I had some months back. In this dream, I was in a school that was filled with both American children and American adults, but the … Continue reading

DEONVSEARTH T-Shirts Now Available! | Limited!

DeonVsEarth T-Shirts Available Hey everyone! We just wanted to publish this quick post to alert our Readers that we now have DeonVsEarth T-shirts available! If you are interested in grabbing one, feel free to Order your T-shirt at anytime! All … Continue reading

New DeonVsEarth Contributor! | Ann Thomas

Hey Readers! Deon Here. As you already know DeonVsEarth recently began a campaign in which we have opened our doors to more Christian writers. By doing this, not only do we hope that our readers will be able to find … Continue reading, Losing Credibility with each “Debunk” | Attacks INFOwars & BeforeItsNews

Shots Fired: Snopes attacks BeforeItsNews: If you are familiar with Conspiracy theories then there is a great chance that you have run across the SNOPES website on more than one occasion. For those who are unfamiliar with it, SNOPES is … Continue reading