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GA Officers Saves Choking Baby, Then Accepts Offer to be Her GodFather

Officer Saves Choking Baby, Family Asks Him to Join the Family GEORGIA — A Georgia Family asked Kenneth Knox (Officer) if he would do them the honor of becoming the “godfather” of their beautiful baby girl after he saved her … Continue reading

Franklin Graham Leaves GOP over ‘Planned Parenthood’ funding

Graham Leaves GOP According to reports, Franklin Graham, son of world renown Evangelist Billy Graham, has announced that he is leaving the Republican party and will now label himself as an “Independent”. The announcement came not long after learning that … Continue reading

REPORT: After Supreme Court Ruling, Man Fighting to Legalize his 4 Wives

Polygamy: 1 Husband, 4 wives Since the recent Supreme-Court ruling that concluded that “Marriage” (including same-sex marriage) is a constitutional right that must be granted to all Americans and acknowledged by every State, many have speculated that this would open … Continue reading

REPORT: Gay man Files $70M lawsuit against Bible over ‘Homophobic’ verses

Man ‘Suing’ the Word of God According to reports, a Homosexual man is filing a $70M lawsuit against the well-known bible publishers Zondervan and Thomas Nelson over ‘Homophobic’ verses. The man claims that these publishers printed versions of the Bible … Continue reading

REPORT: Computer ‘Glitch’ grounds ALL United Airlines Flights [VIDEO]

Computer glitch shuts down airways: According to reports, thousands of United Airlines passengers were ‘Grounded’ all around the world Wednesday due to a computer glitch that reportedly halted all system operations. About 3,000 flights are believed to have been affected … Continue reading

MEEKE ADDISON: ‘Sexual orientation NOT EQUAL to Racial Discrimination’

Meeke Speaks Out on Same-sex ruling: Christian Activist and Radio Personality Meeke Addison is speaking out against the Supreme-Court ruling that upheld same-sex ‘marriage’ last Tuesday. The ruling concluded that marriage is a Constitutional Right for all Americans and therefore … Continue reading

REPORT: Burglar Eats left over chicken-wings, Falls asleep in Guest-room

This is why you shouldn’t ‘Sleep’ on the Job According to reports, a man is now in jail because he reportedly ransacked a couple’s home in New Hampshire. Renaud “Junior” Plaisir, The Burglar, reportedly snuck into the home while the … Continue reading

OBAMA: ‘We Need Gun-Control’ (after Charleston Shooting)

Charleston Church Shooting CHARLESTON, S.C. — The man suspected of killing 9 when he open-fired in an African American Church Wednesday night was arrested early Thursday morning about 245miles away from the scene of the crime. He was located near … Continue reading

Christian Florist could lose Business for refusing same-sex Wedding

Christian Business takes a Hit: A Christian Florist and Grandmother who refused to provide flowers for a same-sex wedding because of her Christian Faith has since been sued and (in addition) must pay the legal fees of the gay-couple which … Continue reading

VIDEO: Teens try to Summon Demon named ‘Charlie’, Facebook-Challenge

‘Charlie’ challenge: Teens Delve into the Occult SOCIAL MEDIA — Do you remember the ‘Challenges’ that were going around not long ago that had kids doing amazingly stupid things? The Ice-challenge had kids pouring ice on themselves, the Fire-challenge had … Continue reading