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Here are ALL 150 GOP Members who voted ‘YES’ to $1.1 Trillion Spending BILL

$1.1 Trillion, Spending money that we don’t have Sen. Rand Paul was fired up Sunday saying that he voted against the enormous $1.1 Trillion spending bill because not only was it rushed through congress — but no one actually had … Continue reading

REPORT: Georgia Rejects POTUS request to add Refugees, Too Risky.

Syrian Refugees: Risky Business? Although most Americans had forgotten about the growing threat of Radical Islamic groups such as ISIS, many of us were given a powerful reminder when we watched our long-time friend and ally (France) fall victim to … Continue reading

REPORT: Major Credit Companies now migrating to CHIP-based Cards

The Emergence of the “Chip” Era With Technology finding it’s way into every nook and cranny of our lives, It is no wonder that more emphasis is being placed on Data Security. However thanks to “Hackers” and the other unethical … Continue reading

REPORT: Computer ‘Glitch’ grounds ALL United Airlines Flights [VIDEO]

Computer glitch shuts down airways: According to reports, thousands of United Airlines passengers were ‘Grounded’ all around the world Wednesday due to a computer glitch that reportedly halted all system operations. About 3,000 flights are believed to have been affected … Continue reading

REPORT: New York Stock-Exchange DOWN due to “Technical Issue”

UPDATE: After being down for nearly 4hrs, we have received word that NYSE has resumed all trading operations. No substantial explanations have yet been given. New York Stock Exchange: Currently Down The NYSE (New York Stock Exchange) halted all trading … Continue reading

GREECE FINANCIAL CRISIS: Banks closed, ATM Withdrawals restricted

Greek Crisis: The Banks are Down ATHENS, Greece — in response to the Financial Crisis currently plaguing Greece — The Bank of Greece has informed Alexis Tsipras (Greek Prime Minister) that it would be best if all banks remained closed … Continue reading

ECONOMY: Ground-Beef hits record HIGH, $4.235 / pound

Ground-Beef: The ‘Cost’ of Inflation? For years, Americans have heard of the growing plight of the U.S. and its rapidly declining Economy. With the Federal Reserve continually printing ‘Phony money’ and with U.S. foreign policies that give our enemies a … Continue reading

REPORT: Bank of Israel sets interest rate at all-time Low

According to sources — after a period of several months keeping interest rates steady at 0.25 percent, the Bank of Israel lowered its rate to 0.1 percent, the lowest in Israel’s history. This new interest rate is 0.4 percentage points … Continue reading

2015 State of The Union Address | Consulting the Facts

State of The Union: Addressing The Nation Did you catch the State of the Union Address the other night? If you didn’t catch it on Television, there is a good chance that you heard the commotion that it caused online. … Continue reading

BANK OF AMERICA: Man tries to pay Mortgage with Cash, Bank refuses then calls Police [VIDEO]

America: The Home of the Poor At one point in its History, America was truly a blessed nation. We were a beacon of light in a dark world and because of this, many people from many different cultures flocked to … Continue reading