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PODCAST: Islam, Religion of Peace or Conquest?

A Historical Perspective on Islam With much of the controversy currently clouding the 2016 Presidential Election, it is crucially important that we address many of our Nation’s pressing problems — especially those concerning the safety and security of our Country. … Continue reading

Whitehouse to Schools: “Let children use whichever Bathroom they identify with”

Obama Administration weighs in on Transgender debate According to reports, The Obama Administration (via the DOJ) will send a letter to every public school district in the United States directing them to allow students to use whichever restroom facility that … Continue reading

REPORT: 7th Graders told “Allah is the Only God” in Classroom

Islamic Indoctrination in Public School System? Maury County, TN — According to reports, 7th graders in Spring Hill Middle school spent roughly 3 weeks covering Islam in a social-studies course. However during that time students were encouraged to declare that … Continue reading

EDUCATION: Man Sues school for teaching his daughter ‘Evolution religion’

Evolution, the latest Religion? A West Virginia man is suing education officials for teaching his daughter about Evolution, stating that it is a religion and represents the “propagation of religious Faith”. In a scathing four-page complaint filed against local, state … Continue reading

Toddlers secretly taught Transgender ‘tolerance’ in School, Parents outraged

Are your Kids being Trans-genderized? KITTERY, MAINE — The parents of students at Mitchell Primary School were outraged after learning that many of their toddlers had been educated on the ‘Transgender’ subject through the use of a children’s book — … Continue reading

RELIGION: Satanic Group Set to Evangelize kids, Bibles Banned.

The Moral Decline: For years we have witnessed a decline in American values where, in the name of “Tolerance” and religious Freedoms, many have been indoctrinated into no longer recognizing the clear distinction between right and wrong, good and evil. … Continue reading

EDUCATION: Teenagers Humiliated in Class for opposing LGBT Speakers

LGBT: ‘Gender Confusing’ your Children As reported by Todd Starnes — Teenagers at a public High-School in California were blatantly humiliated and insulted for disagreeing with classroom speakers who were allowed to promote the LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transexual) agenda … Continue reading