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REPORT: Food-Giants Pushing to remove ‘mandatory’ labeling of GMO Food

What is in Your Food? According to reports, A bill is currently making it’s way through the House of Representatives that would remove a mandate presently obligating Large food corporations to notify consumers [in certain States] that their food contains … Continue reading

REPORT: 14 Brands of bottled-water RECALLED For E.Coli Concerns

E.Coli possibly in Bottled Water EDITOR’s NOTE: This post is an Alert to all our Readers. Niagara Bottling, A Company that specializes in the production of bottled water, has recently issued a voluntary recall of several brands of it’s bottled … Continue reading

REPORT: Nurse gets LIFE in Prison for poisoning patients

Nurse Poisons Patients: London, England — According to reports, A Filipino male nurse was arrested and is now serving a minimum of 35 years in prison for allegedly poisoning 21 patients using Insulin. The incident took place at a British … Continue reading

HEALTH INSURANCE Providers under ‘Cyber Attack’ | Prep for NWO System?

Health Insurance: ‘Affordable’ For All: In 2010 when the Affordable Healthcare Act (AKA “Obamacare”) was passed, countless Americans felt this was a gross violation of their Constitutional rights. The primary argument fueling this position was that Americans were essentially being … Continue reading

TEXAS: Lawmaker Pushing Bill to protect unborn baby when Mother is Brain-Dead

AUSTIN, TX — A Texas lawmaker is crafting a bill that is aimed at protecting the rights of unborn babies when the mother has been deemed clinically brain-dead. The new legislation comes in response to an event that took place … Continue reading