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Illuminati: ‘How we will use the Poor and Ignorant to Birth the NWO’

The Plan: As an African American man, having understood and experienced many of the hardships currently plaguing African American communities — Not only do I Love the members of my race, but I am honestly sympathetic to the struggle. However … Continue reading

VIDEO: Watch Kirk Franklin & KANYE WEST “Minister” on SNL

GOSPEL: Kirk Franklin Welcomes Kanye into “Gospel Music” It is no secret that Kirk Franklin has made a series of statements since the release of his new album “Losing My Religion” that has caused many Christians to question his stance … Continue reading

KOBE BRYANT: NBA-star Hinting at Illuminati involvement in ‘Muse’ Documentary?

MUSE: A Documentary of a Superstar For those of you who may not be Laker fans (or Sports enthusiasts) — Kobe Bryant (Professional Basketball Player for the L.A. Lakers) recently released a 2015 documentary entitled “Muse” that shared not only … Continue reading

Director of ANTI-NWO Movie “Gray State” Found Dead in Home

David “Gray State” Crowley: Apple Valley, MN — The Director of an upcoming film “Gray State” (David Crowley)  and his family were found dead in their home on Saturday. (More later) Police have released very limited details about the deaths … Continue reading

MTV: Indoctrinating your children | You won’t believe this

MTV: Illuminati symbolism exposed Hey guys, Deon Here. I am writing this blog post to share an experience that I had this morning. When I woke up on this seemingly usual Saturday, I grabbed my remote and made my way … Continue reading

ALERT: Illuminati finally shows it’s face with first Official TV Commercial [VIDEO]

Last Updated: 12/23/14 For decades, rumors have been circulating the globe about a secret organization that sought to influence and control the life and actions of humans through various systems of government and control. Unfortunately because there was very little … Continue reading

ALERT: Hollywood indoctrinates youth while parents sleep

Children are the Future: Are you protecting the Future? The video you just watched only skims the surface of what is really going. There is a war going on over the minds and hearts of our youth. Although we do … Continue reading

Should Christians drink MONSTER energy drinks?

In our last post, we shared a video and discussed the satanic symbolism on the popular MONSTER energy drink. But in this post, we would like to address a common question that we often hear while discussing topics such as … Continue reading

MONSTER Energy-Drink, Awaiting the Anti-Christ 666| [VIDEO]

The video you are about to watch is a short excerpt in which a concerned group of Christians have taken to the streets in order to expose the truth behind the symbolism of the popular MONSTER energy drink. Have you … Continue reading

Deceased FBI Director: America controlled by “Shadow Government” [VIDEO]

Who is Ted Gunderson? Theodore “Ted” Gunderson (now deceased) was a Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) special agent who was in charge of the division located in Los Angeles, California. The 2 cases that Gunderson was tell known for was … Continue reading