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REPORT: Obama Administration “caught fighting for ISIS”, Attacks Syrian Army

U.S. Coalitions “Accidentally” strike Syrian Army Under the command of President Obama, a US-led coalition carried out an airstrike against ISIS in the Syrian Province. However when the missiles struck the ground, the only ingredient missing from the attack location … Continue reading

PUTIN: Russian President hints at NUKE’ing ISIS if Necessary

Russian President taking Fight to ISIS Unlike many other Nations, Russia has literally put it’s money where it’s mouth is. Russia has undoubtedly taken the fight to the Islamic State in conducting large-scale military operations targeting ISIS operations in Syria. … Continue reading

REPORT: Iraqis think POTUS ‘Helping’ Islamic State

IRAQ: Soldiers think POTUS Helping Islamic State? Pretty much all that is in the news these days is pertaining to the “War on ISIS”. Despite conflicting reports from his military analysts and commanders, President Obama continues to insist that ISIS … Continue reading

REPORT: Hiker Stumbles across U.N. Military-base IN AMERICA

U.N. military bases in America? Imagine you decide to go for a walk on a brisk yet sunny day. So you head to one of your favorite nature trails and begin walking the usual route. However while walking, you decide … Continue reading

VIDEO LEAK: Footage shows U.S. Troops training to ‘Detain’ Citizens

U.S. Training for Civilian ‘Detention’? Ft. Lauderdale, Florida — Footage was captured a few weeks back that shows military and law enforcement working together in a military-style training scenario (military game). This military exercise included 200 military personnel from the … Continue reading

REPORT: Marine Court-martial’d for refusing to remove Bible Verse from Computer

Religious Freedom under Fire: A U.S. Marine was reportedly court-martial’d and convicted after refusing to remove a bible-verse from her computer workstation. However, after the story began to gain momentum — Liberty Institute (a religious liberty law firm) took it … Continue reading

REPORT: ISIS Publishes ‘Hit List’ of 100 American Military personnel | Cover-up?

ISIS Targeting U.S. Homeland: According to sources — The Islamic State (also known as ISIS) has released a ‘Hit List’ containing the names, photos, and addresses of 100 U.S. military personnel. The information was released through various social-media channels including … Continue reading