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OPINION: Race-Wars, Riots, and Terrorism. Being used as Diversion? You won’t believe This.

Preface: Although I contemplated writing this post a thousand times, each time I  would somehow fool myself into “letting things slide” under the hopes that maybe (just maybe) — many of the seemingly suspicious things unfolding in the news could … Continue reading

VIDEO: How The US is being used to Establish ‘Global Order’

Rick Wiles: The Coming New World Order As the conflict in Syria continues to escalate, we could certainly be witnessing the “birth pangs” of yet another war — something that many believe could be the final war to usher in … Continue reading

REPORT: Will Syrian Refugee Crisis be used to IMPORT ISIS fighters?

Crisis in Syria: The U.S. backed “Civil War” For the last 5 years, a civil war has been raging in Syria between the Syrian President (Bashar al-Assad) and the “Moderate” Syrian Rebels who many presume to be nothing more than … Continue reading

OPINION: Are ‘Race-Wars’ being used to spark Civil Unrest?

Race Wars: Old pan, New Generation In the mid 1960s-80s, There was a plot developed that intended to make BLACKS riot and revolt using political and racial injustice as the primary tool. This contingency plan was not declassified until 1984, … Continue reading

VIDEO: ‘Mark of the Beast’ Technology is NOT Coming… It is HERE

‘The Beast’ Technology: For decades, anyone who even entertained the thought that a day could come where microchip implants (or ‘tags’ as some call it) could potentially be placed into humans were ignored and/or labeled as ‘right-wing’ conspiracy theorists by … Continue reading

VIDEO LEAK: Footage shows U.S. Troops training to ‘Detain’ Citizens

U.S. Training for Civilian ‘Detention’? Ft. Lauderdale, Florida — Footage was captured a few weeks back that shows military and law enforcement working together in a military-style training scenario (military game). This military exercise included 200 military personnel from the … Continue reading

HEALTH INSURANCE Providers under ‘Cyber Attack’ | Prep for NWO System?

Health Insurance: ‘Affordable’ For All: In 2010 when the Affordable Healthcare Act (AKA “Obamacare”) was passed, countless Americans felt this was a gross violation of their Constitutional rights. The primary argument fueling this position was that Americans were essentially being … Continue reading

The 4th Branch: Is Shadow Government Ruling America?

As reported by CBN News — If there’s one thing the Founding Fathers cared about, it was liberty. And some constitutional experts say the last thing they would’ve wanted was an unelected bureaucracy that could steal your property, your rights, … Continue reading

Director of ANTI-NWO Movie “Gray State” Found Dead in Home

David “Gray State” Crowley: Apple Valley, MN — The Director of an upcoming film “Gray State” (David Crowley)  and his family were found dead in their home on Saturday. (More later) Police have released very limited details about the deaths … Continue reading

Should Christians drink MONSTER energy drinks?

In our last post, we shared a video and discussed the satanic symbolism on the popular MONSTER energy drink. But in this post, we would like to address a common question that we often hear while discussing topics such as … Continue reading