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‘Anonymous’ Declares Cyber-War on Turkey for Supporting ISIS

Turkey:Cyber Attack shuts down Internet According to reports, Anonymous, a Hacktivist group has assumed responsibility for a heavily coordinated cyber-attack that wounded Turkey’s Internet infrastructure last week. The organization vowed to continue it’s attacks on the Nation’s Internet unless they … Continue reading

REPORT: Major Credit Companies now migrating to CHIP-based Cards

The Emergence of the “Chip” Era With Technology finding it’s way into every nook and cranny of our lives, It is no wonder that more emphasis is being placed on Data Security. However thanks to “Hackers” and the other unethical … Continue reading

REPORT: China Developing ‘Space Weapons’ to destroy US Satellites

China Developing “Super Weapons” For years America and China have been in fierce competition — competing on things such as economic growth and even Military size. However it appears that China is attempting to take this competition to a whole … Continue reading

NASA to World: ‘We have Discovered “Earth-like” Planet’

NASA Discovers “Earth-like” planet In the never ending quest to find other planets capable of sustaining Life, NASA announced Thursday that their ‘planet-hunting’ space-craft found Kepler-452b, a large Planet that [they believe] could be a distant “Cousin” of Earth. The … Continue reading

TECHNOLOGY: Scientists Wirelessly Control Mice via BRAIN Implant [VIDEO]

Technological Mind Control? As technology advances, we will undoubtedly be faced with a new set of moral and ethical boundaries that, if we are not careful, could lead us down a very dark and sinister path. The purpose of this … Continue reading

TECH: US Military developing ‘Mosquito’ Drones, (‘OFF’ spray won’t stop it)

Modern Warfare: Beware of ‘Insect’ Drones We have all experienced the annoyance of being outside on a sunny day, only to be pestered by swarms of gnats and mosquitos trying to make us their next ‘meal’. Yet although we may … Continue reading