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REPORT: President Obama To Join [United Nations] after Presidency?

President Obama to Chair United Nations? UPDATE: As of October 13, 2016 – The 71st session of the United Nations general assembly formally appointed Antonio Guterres as the next Secretary General of the United Nations. However the possibility of Pres. … Continue reading

REPORT: Why President Obama’s IRAN NUKE-Deal may Start WW3

IRAN gets it’s Deal, USA gets ‘Promises’ After nearly 2 years of failed deadlines, and countless concessions  — The Obama Administration (along with 5 world powers) has finally achieved a Nuclear deal with Iran, The world’s leading sponsor of International … Continue reading

REPORT: IAEA to allow Iran to inspect its OWN Nuclear facilities

A Deal built on ‘Trust’ … not Verification As tensions in America continue to grow with some Americans supporting the Obama Administration’s Nuclear deal with Iran and others opposing it — more information has been leaked that is actually beginning … Continue reading

REPORT: Hiker Stumbles across U.N. Military-base IN AMERICA

U.N. military bases in America? Imagine you decide to go for a walk on a brisk yet sunny day. So you head to one of your favorite nature trails and begin walking the usual route. However while walking, you decide … Continue reading

REPORT: Israel hands out ‘Oscars’ at the United Nations, Iran Wins ‘Best Actor’ [VIDEO]

A couple of days ago, Hollywood acknowledged its most influential individuals by awarding them Oscars to applaud their efforts. Yesterday, the Israeli ambassador to the UN (United Nations), Ron Prosor, sarcastically handed out “Oscar” awards to fellow UN members at … Continue reading

UN: ‘World has 60 day deadline to stop Ebola… or Else’ | [VIDEO]

Last Updated: 10/18/14 In a public address, the ‘Ebola Mission chief’ to United Nations (UN) Anthony Branbury announced that the world has no later than 60 days from October 1, 2014 to halt the progression of the Ebola virus world-wide … Continue reading

Netanyahu to U.N: ‘Militant Islam is like Cancer’ [VIDEO]

Just over a week ago — The Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu delivered a blistering speech to the United Nations concerning the problems that the world is now facing ranging from the rapid advancement of ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq … Continue reading

NEWS: President Obama Urges U.N. to impose Sanctions against Russia

September 25, 2014 — In his address Thursday to the United Nations, President Obama talked openly about a wide range of issues ranging from “Climate Change” to the ISIS crisis we now see occurring in the heart of Iraq. Russia: … Continue reading

DREAM: ‘ISIS is a Puppet’ — United States being “Set-up”

DISCLAIMER: The post you are about to read is the revelation of my own personal dream. In no way is this post attempting to “Foretell the future”, instead I am simply sharing what I have seen. Although no human knows … Continue reading