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The World-Wide ‘Purge’ of Christians | “Then shall they deliver you up” (Matt 24:9) [VIDEO]

August 26, 2014


The Purge: Silencing the body of Christ:

All over the world we are noticing an alarming increase in the persecution of Christians world-wide. It seems as if with every passing day — society moves one step closer to an outright ban on Christianity in general.

Many people (mainly Christians) don’t realize that in certain countries, being a Christian is actually illegal and if a person is caught “spreading” Christianity then they could literally be put to death.

Unfortunately, this is nothing new to humanity. Christians have been being put to death from the day that Jesus was crucified and later rose from the dead.

As we can clearly observe all throughout world-history, whenever persecution arises in a nation — It is usually the Christians and the Jews that tend to be persecuted, ridiculed, and even put to death.

The Jews are put to death because they are Jewish, and the Christians are put to death for their faith in Christ as well as their exaltation of the word of God above the teachings of men (unlike Catholicism).

Although this may seem like an eternity ago —
There is an old saying that the entire world should take very seriously.

“Those who forget History, are bound to repeat it.”


The Christian Martyr’s last prayer by: Leon Gerome

Adolf Hitler: The rise to power

In early 1900s, a man in Germany by the name of Adolf Hitler (who was born in Austria) received German citizenship — he then worked his way up the ranks of government until he eventually become Dictator of Germany on August 2, 1934.

( brief description, See resources after post for more Info )


Adolf Hitler

It was only when Hitler had seized all power that he initiated a national-purge of people who were of the Jewish descent (Jewish).

Hitler began this movement by first turning the nation against the Jews. He convinced the people that Jews were either crazy (extremists) or evil and that they were secretly trying to destroy the country by robbing them of their wealth.

(doesn’t this resemble how the democrats in America portray conservatives and Christians?)

After Hitler had turned the hearts of the people against the Jews, he then began rounding them up wherever he could find them. Hitler sent them all to concentration camps where most of them would later be tortured and murdered. (doesn’t this sound like FEMA?)

Hitler also initiated a purge of all those members of society who were deemed unfit to serve a purpose to the growth of the economy.

These people included…

  • Senior Citizens (too old to work)
  • Mentally ill
  • Mentally Disabled
  • Anyone deemed useless

Once these purges were complete, Hitler sent out spies into Churches and other places of worship to ensure that the message being taught to people was not contradictory to what he wanted.

It wasn’t long until Hitler realized that the Church would potentially be a problem except he controlled what was being preached and told to the people.

It was then that Hitler began his purge of the Church in which he removed ministers that taught anything he deemed inappropriate. Hitler also replaced the Bibles that the people could use with his own version of the Bible.

Thus Hitler was successful at purging Germany from all opposition.

Fortunately for the world (and for Israel), there was a young nation that loved God and that valued the rights that he so graciously granted to all humans — America.

When the news got around to America how Hitler had basically taken the people of Germany hostage and was killing Jews by the thousands — America came to the rescue.

It wasn’t until the United States intervened that Hitler was eventually overthrown, but by that time over 11 million Jews had already been killed.

World-Lesson: Never forget your mistakes

You would think that people in Germany during the reign of Adolf Hitler would have realized what was going on and began informing the world sooner.

But they didn’t.

And although some Germans definitely knew what was going on, everyone was too afraid to speak out.

This is a common pattern that we see whenever a nation is on the verge of being subdued.

Unfortunately, people certain countries deny that the holocaust even occurred, they then use anti-Semitic arguments to support their outrageous assertion — but if you were to travel to Germany even today, you would discover that it is actually illegal to deny the holocaust.

Sadly, we have yet again watched as the spiritual disciples of Adolf Hitler have invaded our present culture and continue his work of silencing political opposition long enough to purge a nation.

Furthermore, It is no longer “just in Germany” that we can see his teachings live and thrive — instead I would argue that The United States has been infiltrated by those who have been inspired by the Adolf Hitler’s example.

A message to the Christian: HOPE

Although it may be very troubling to know that these men have infiltrated the highest offices in the world and also in America —

We can actually rejoice about one thing…

That the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob will never forsake his people!

Jesus even foretold to his disciples (including us) that all these things would occur in latter times — but these are the things that we are seeing take place today.

Furthermore, Jesus assured us that not only would he be with us — but that wherever there are 2 or more gathered in his name he will be there in the midst of them. (Matthew 18:20)

The bible has also forewarned us that this world is governed and controlled by evil men who follow after the workings of Satan (2 Corinthians 4:4).

This is why believers are told not to place their affection on the riches of this world where thieves steal and where things become corrupt — but instead we are told to place our treasures in heaven where there is no thief nor corruption (Matthew 6:21/Luke 12:34)

Our goal on this earth should NOT be to get rich and get comfortable here — for we are simply strangers to this earth and that we are only here for a short time (1 Peter 2:11).

Instead our focus should be spreading the Gospel to the ends of the earth and drawing men to Christ not just with our words — but with our Life.

Are you letting your Light shine before men?





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  • Michelle Jeffery Ferguson

    Let us not forget history. It is repeating itself.

    • dlundy1

      It does indeed, it does indeed.

      Thanks for commenting!

  • Michelle Jeffery Ferguson

    Let us not forget history. It is repeating itself.

    • dlundy1

      It does indeed, it does indeed.

      Thanks for commenting!