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CIDRAP Researchers: Evidence, Ebola transferable by air

October 16, 2014

is-ebola-airborneAccording to the Center of Infectious Disease Research (CIDRAP), A highly respectable and reputable research center at the University of Minnesota,

— They have found Scientific and Epidemiological evidence proving that Ebola has the ability to be transferred through infectious aerosol particles (air).

While advising the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO) — CIDRAP advised them that through experimental research, they have discovered that the virus is indeed capable of being transferred from one living organism to another through the air (including breath).

According to 2 national experts on respiratory and infectious disease transmission, Medical personnel should take this factor into consideration when treating patients who have been infected with the Ebola virus and should use sufficient Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to ensure that they are fully protected from all possible transmissions of the virus — despite the CDC‘s assurance of the virus not being airborne.

“We believe there is scientific and epidemiologic evidence that Ebola virus has the potential to be transmitted via infectious aerosol particles both near and at a distance from infected patients, which means that healthcare workers should be wearing respirators, not facemasks.”

The experts continued…

“The minimum level of protection in high-risk settings should be a respirator with an assigned protection factor greater than 10. A powered air-purifying respirator (PAPR) with a hood or helmet offers many advantages over an N95 filtering facepiece or similar respirator, being more protective, comfortable, and cost-effective in the long run.”


Ebola: What is really going on?

Despite what the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) continues to tell the American people, It would appear that they are purposefully (and knowingly) misleading the American public about the potential of this viral epidemic to become ‘airborne’.

On numerous occasions the CDC has assured the American public that the Ebola virus cannot be transferred by aerosol particles nor can it be transferred unless the patient is sick and showing Ebola-related symptoms. But unless they know everything there is to know about the relatively new virus…

How can they assure that?

Although it is understandable that the CDC doesn’t want to alarm the people, they have both a lawful and moral responsibility as medical and government officials to be as honest and transparent as possible about any and everything involving the health and safety of the American public in general.

Do you believe the CDC has failed to meet this expectation?

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