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Cultural Jihad, Are you prepared to Fight against it? [VIDEO]

August 25, 2014

What is jihad?

Essentially, Jihad is an Islamic concept that indicates War or a Struggle against something. It is commonly referred to as a “Holy War” by Muslims world-wide.

Many people are familiar with the most popular form of Jihad.

This includes events such as…

  • 9/11 (where terrorists allegedly flew a plane into the twin towers)
  • Fort Hood shooting (Nidal Malik Hasan, a U.S. army Major and Psychiatrist fatally shot 13 people and injured over 30 others.)
  • Decapitations (chopping off the head)
  • Honor Killings (killing women for allegedly shaming their family)

— but what most people don’t know is that this is only one form of Jihad.

Another form of Jihad is called Cultural Jihad.

Cultural Jihad: The Infiltration of a Nation

This form of “Holy War” is far more subtle and much harder to detect and address than its aggressive counter-part.

A man who straps a bomb to his chest or open-fires on a room filled with unarmed civilians is one thing

— but how do you address a person that uses their rights as an American to convince others to hate America and its allies?

Now that is a little harder to address — wouldn’t you agree?

culture-jihadCultural Jihad involves merging into a society or culture with the goal of influencing the events in the culture to become more suitable to the Islamic agenda (whatever it might be)

Therefore whether this means that whether you become a Protestor, Lawyer, Doctor, or Politician — everything you do will be done with the purpose and goal of promoting and exalting Islam.

How Cultural Jihad changed Europe

Although Europe was initially a Christian nation — through years of cultural jihad and through the infiltration of high political offices Jihadists, we can literally see why Sharia-Law now threatens the Judeo-Christian values of the entire country.

But what is interesting to note is that sharia-law did not spring up quickly in Europe, instead it was utilized only in small parts of the city that were Muslim-majority — But through years of immigration and high birth-rate it spread through the country like a wildfire.

Today — we are literally watching the same tactics be used against America.

In the last century we have noticed a large influx in Muslims migration into America than we have of any other religious group. muslim-immigrationAlthough It is possible that some of them are moving here to get a better education and to find better jobs — I think we should also entertain the thought that some of these immigrants could very well be waging war against America culturally.

Islam: A religion of Peace?

Although some American Muslims reject the violent aspect of Islam, they are essentially still being used as a tool to propagate the “Peaceful” aspect of Islam while the radical Muslims use Jihad and violence to exalt Islam above all religions.

…It is a 2-part process.

Will America suffer the same fate as Europe?

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