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October 11, 2016

GA Officers Saves Choking Baby, Then Accepts Offer to be Her GodFather

Officer Saves Choking Baby, Family Asks Him to Join the Family [ecp code="rad"] GEORGIA -- A Georgia Family asked Kenneth Knox (Officer) if he would do them the honor of becoming the "godfather" of their beautiful baby girl after he saved her life. According to reports, on Saturday (9/24), Patrol Officer Kenneth Knox received a radio transmission about a "Choking Baby". Although The paramedics were on their way -- because Knox was very close to the general area, he quickly responded anyway. Upon..

October 3, 2016

OPINION: Race-Wars, Riots, and Terrorism. Being used as Diversion? You won’t believe This.

Preface: [ecp code="rad"] Although I contemplated writing this post a thousand times, each time I  would somehow fool myself into "letting things slide" under the hopes that maybe (just maybe) -- many of the seemingly suspicious things unfolding in the news could be partly attributed to coincidence, chance, or even dumb "Luck". Unfortunately, something happened last week that tossed that hope right out the car window -- and because of this, I can no longer refrain myself from sharing the informa..

September 27, 2016

PODCAST: Islam, Religion of Peace or Conquest?

A Historical Perspective on Islam [ecp code="rad"] With much of the controversy currently clouding the 2016 Presidential Election, it is crucially important that we address many of our Nation's pressing problems -- especially those concerning the safety and security of our Country. Although the entire world appears to be in a time of chaos and disorder, two of the concerns currently plaguing the United States are that of Terrorism, and Immigration. However there has been much confusion on the is..

September 23, 2016

STONE MOUNTAIN: Town takes in MORE Refugees than NYC and LA Combined

STONE MOUNTAIN, GA -- Despite being one of the smallest towns in Georgia with a population-size just shy of 6,000 people (5,000 less than Cordele, Ga) -- This small Georgia town has now taken in nearly 10x more Syrian Refugees than New York City and Los Angeles ... combined. Since the start of the Fiscal year (October 1), SM (Stone Mountain) has taken in nearly 80 Syrian refugees. However, depending on the outcome of the November election, this could only be the starting figure. Although SM has..

September 22, 2016

Illuminati: ‘How we will use the Poor and Ignorant to Birth the NWO’

The Plan: [ecp code="rad"] As an African American man, having understood and experienced many of the hardships currently plaguing African American communities -- Not only do I Love the members of my race, but I am honestly sympathetic to the struggle. However although I am angered by every injustice -- the only thing that angers me more is knowing that there are people (of many races) sitting back in nice chairs and fancy suits -- Using Anger, Violence, Racism, Ignorance, and Fear to cleverly "o..

September 18, 2016

REPORT: Obama Administration “caught fighting for ISIS”, Attacks Syrian Army

U.S. Coalitions "Accidentally" strike Syrian Army [ecp code="rad"] Under the command of President Obama, a US-led coalition carried out an airstrike against ISIS in the Syrian Province. However when the missiles struck the ground, the only ingredient missing from the attack location -- were ISIS fighters. Unfortunately, although there were certainly soldiers in the area, these soldiers were aligned with both Russia and Syria and were close to defeating the ISIS militants near the region (Deir ez..

August 11, 2016

NEW MEXICO: 36yo Mother “Fell in Love” with Teenage Son, Now Fighting for Equal Rights

Mother Falls in Love with Her Son: Last year, we predicted that we would soon see the Fight for "Marriage equality" spread into bizarre realms after the Supreme Court took it upon itself to allegedly redefine marriage, however we had no idea that it would emerge so quickly. As reported by Fox News: "A 19-year-old man charged in New Mexico with having an incestuous relationship with his mother told authorities he believed he could take care of her and keep her safe from abusive men like those in..

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