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Don’t Miss Netanyahu’s Address! 3/3/15

March 1, 2015


On Tuesday, March 3 — Benjamin Netanyahu, The Leader of ‪‎Israel‬ will be addressing ‪Congress‬ AND the American people in order to contest the Nuclear deal taking place between TOA (The Obama Administration) and ‪‎Iran‬.


Because Iran is a 1 Sponsor of ‪‎Terrorism‬, it supports the same people we see strapping Bombs to their chests and blowing themselves up inside of Churches, Buildings, and Daycares.

As if that weren’t enough, on more than one occasion Iran has vowed to wipe AMERICA off the face of the earth and to throw ISRAEL into the sea.


However Iran has never been able to create ‪NUCLEAR‬ weapons because of U.S. Sanctions against the country — Until now.

In an attempt to get Iran to join the International community, President Obama has lifted the sanctions that once crippled Iran and hindered them from developing a Nuclear Arsenal.

This is putting our ally Israel in DIRECT danger.

israelBecause the nation of Israel is so TINY, they would not survive a NUCLEAR strike from a large Nation such as Iran — Furthermore because Iran is so CLOSE, they would not have time to respond to the attack except through a preemptive strike.

If Iran and terrorists are willing to blow themselves up just to make a point, do you think they will hesitate to blow YOU up with a Nuclear weapon?

THIS is why the Leader of Israel is coming to America in 3 days.


Stand with Freedom, Stand with Democracy, Stand with Israel



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