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DREAM: Islamic gangs coming to America?

June 7, 2015


DREAM: Islamic Gangs in America

Hey guys, I wanted write this quick post to share a dream I had a few weeks back. I wish I had shared it earlier because some of the details have slipped away from me, however I remember the important points.

In this dream, I was sitting in a classroom filled with other students. We were all there to learn, however there were several Islamic students in the class learning alongside us.

As the teacher would teach and ask us to discuss certain topics, the Islamic students would contradict everything that the American students would say (Such as ISIS is bad, Christianity is good, etc.).

However if anyone dared to argue back with them, they would get extremely angry.

The Islamic students would get so angry in fact that they would eventually start yelling at the teacher and the other students.

If the teacher and the students didn’t give in, the Islamic students would get even angrier and become aggressive. If they still didn’t give in, the Islamic students would become violent — eventually picking up weapons and knives.

Long story short, the Islamic students were using Fear and intimidation (in addition to violence and aggression) to Silence all opposition. It wasn’t long until everyone in the class was afraid to speak — including the teacher.

So after the bell for the class to end rang, all the students rushed out of the class — eager to get away from the Islamic students who were essentially ‘Bullying’ everyone.

So as I walked out of the classroom, I noticed that the Islamic students began attacking the other students who disagreed with them.

From there, the dreamed ‘Jumped’.

DREAM pt2: They are ‘Possessed’

I was walking calmly down the street, Looking around.

Not long after, I noticed a large group of men coming down the other side of the street. As they continued walking, a random guy was about to walk by them — and BOOM!

Out of no where, the Men just Mauled the poor fellow.

Punching him, pushing him — eventually he fell down.

The men began shouting strange phrases… I then realized they were an Islamic gang.

When the poor man fell down, they began beating him with large billy-clubs and stabbing him with machetes and knives — However mind you that this was a completely stranger. Yet they were hitting him with such rage, such ferocity, and such hatred that I could not move in disbelief.

The Hatred was so intense that it wasn’t human.

No human could unleash such Hatred and Rage on a complete stranger without cause, It is against our very nature — however it was as if they were Possessed.

But all throughout this dream, I saw many gangs like this.

They were Islamic, however they were so evil and so violent that they made the bloods and the crips look like ‘Choir Boys’.

I woke up from the Dream in a cold Sweat.

… Could this come to America?



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