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DREAM: Terror is not coming to America, Its already Here

January 17, 2015

Hey guys, Deon Here.

I am writing this blog post to share a Dream that I had some months back.

In this dream, I was in a school that was filled with both American children and American adults, but the children were separated and placed on a different hall.


So as I began walking around, I found myself on the children’s hall where they talked about the usual kiddy topics.

  • ABC’s
  • Spelling
  • Art
  • ETC

So after seeing what the children were discussing, I made my way over to the adult hall where I entered a classroom that was filled with adults.

The adults were discussing major issues such as politics, religion, etc.

So as the discussion continued, someone turned on the news and saw info about another Terror attack that had occurred somewhere in the world.

When the adults saw this, they began to discuss the issue of Islamic extremism and how we should address it. As they sat discussing the topic, they all agreed that something definitely needed to be done about it or else the problem would eventually make its way to America’s shores.

After hearing this, I walked out of the classroom and continued looking around the school.

As I walked the empty hallways, I noticed something strange — there was another hall of adults and children. This left me confused, I couldn’t help but wonder why this group of adults and children were separated from the others.

Immediately as I thought this, I noticed something else — The little boys in this group were on one side of the hall while the little girls were on the other side of the hall. Not only that, but the little girls were wearing a Hijab (head scarf commonly seen on Muslim women).


When I saw this, I immediately realized that this extra set of adults and children were apart of the Muslim community.

Although they were the same age as the other little children on the other end of the school, they were purposely being separated from them and being taught totally different things.

Muslim-Adult Hall:

So after seeing how the Muslim children were being taught, I wandered over to the adult hall for Muslims. As I pushed open the door that lead to the hall, I saw mostly men (the women were at home I guess).

These men were all gathered in a giant huddle and were discussing things such as terror and politics, but they were on the complete opposite end of the spectrum than the American adults I had encountered earlier.

Instead of talking about how to STOP Islamic terror, they were actually talking about how to increase it.

But what was most shocking was not the fact that they were discussing this, but rather the fact that after this pile of men had broken up — I saw President Obama standing in the midst of them!

Immediately after I saw him, the men realized that I was not a Muslim and that I had been listening to their plans. So immediately they came and grabbed me and were about to try to kill me. But right as they were grabbing me, President Obama walked over with a grin on his face and told the men…

“No No No, Don’t kill him. let him go”

They Obeyed.

As soon as they let me go, I began walking away from the Islamic end of the school and back towards the American end.

Just as I was turning the corner, I heard President Obama say…

“We will kill them later.”


Warn the People:

As I rushed back to the room that was filled with the adults, I couldn’t help but realize how wrong they had been in their initial assessment of the threat that Islam is presenting to America.

The adults in the room thought that radical-Islam would eventually come to America  — But little did they know that it was just a “Hall” away.

So when I finally arrived at the room filled with American adults, I began telling them everything that I had just saw and heard.

Some people believed me, others didn’t — but what was shocking is that absolutely no one did anything about it — even those who believed me.


In my dream, Although we were in America — the American adults and Children were separated from the Muslim adults and Children. Furthermore the Children were being taught 2 completely different things.

INTERPRETATION: In certain parts of Europe, the Muslim population had gotten so high that Europe was forced to separate Muslims and Non-muslims by giving Muslims their own cities and towns. The Muslims were then permitted to live in their own communities and live by their own Law (Sharia-Law).

Can you imagine this happening in America as well?



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