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DREAM: The ‘Clash’ of Western Civilization and Sharia

October 7, 2016

DISCLAIMER: The post you are about to read is the revelation of my own personal dream. In no way is this post attempting to “Foretell the future”, instead I am simply sharing what I have seen.

Although no human knows what the future holds, the GOD of all creation does
— and he often chooses to reveal these things to his people through dreams and visions.

Hence, I am sharing this dream to my blog as a personal and public record in the event that God reveals it to be true.

(Joel 2:28) “And it shall come to pass afterward, that I will pour out my spirit upon all flesh; and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, your old men shall dream dreams, your young men shall see visions:”

DREAM: Cops called to ‘Domestic Violence’ complaint


Last night I experienced a very disturbing dream. In this dream, I was a Police Officer and we received a call about violence occurring in a specific area.

So when we arrived at the scene, there were about 6 officers total and we began to approach the area. We could hear the fighting, the yelling, and the scuffling from a distance.

When we finally made it to where the violence was unfolding, we saw a large group of men engaging in what seemed to be gang-like fighting. However because there were so many men involved, we couldn’t risk trying to stop the fighting “by hand” because we were greatly outnumbered (by at least 30 people).

So we called for more backup and began to pull our weapons — giving lawful orders for the men to cease from the violence. However the men continued fighting as if they didn’t care that we had told them to stop.

Time and time again we yelled, trying to get them to stop — they would not.

Unfortunately, by this point the violence had gotten way out of hand. So much so, that we knew that if the violence didn’t stop – one of the men would soon be killed. So we (officers) began to aim our weapons at the major aggressors – we were preparing to open-fire.

Suddenly, 4-6 [Arabic] men (who had been standing by) began to come towards us yelling “Don’t Shoot”. However we simply ignored them and prepared to fire anyway.

It was then that they continued yelling “Don’t shoot” but this time they began to step in front of our weapons – to prevent us from firing on the attackers.

The Fighting intensified, however we could not stop it because of the men standing in the way. We instructed the bystanders to “get out of the way”, however they refused.

We tried to move around them with our guns, however they moved with us – still standing in front of the guns. All the while the men were still fighting.

By this point, it became clear that one group was beginning to prevail over the other group. Someone was about to be killed. So again, we yelled in a more forceful tone for the bystanders to get out of the way, however they would not.

Then I realized, they were supporting the violence.

Suddenly, we heard a frightening scream.

It was a man howling in extreme pain.

So we quickly looked around the bystanders and saw three of the men on the ground tussling. Two from one group had “ganged up” on one from the other group.

However what they were doing to this man shocked us.

Unlike most American fights, The goal of the two attackers was not to inflict a maximum amount of damage through punches and kicks (like normal people), instead they trying to inflict a very specific type of damage.

What were they trying to do?

…. They were trying to remove the man’s Finger.

However despite having no knife, this man was so intent on removing the finger that he was willing to go to the extreme of removing it with his Teeth.

Yes, he was trying bite it off.

The man screamed in pain for the 2nd time, however he was unable to retract his arm because another man was holding him down. So while one attacker held him down, another was trying to bite off his finger.

As we [Police] watched in horror, we began yelling to the top of our lungs for the final time — instructing the men to cease from the violence, however they would not. Furthermore the bystanders continued trying to obstruct us from stopping it.

We had no choice. We began to open-fire on the attackers in the group — accidentally hitting one of the bystanders trying to obstruct us.

However when the bystander was hit, the other bystanders yelled “Ooooh” (you’re in trouble) as if it were somehow our fault.

Yet somehow I knew that this event was going to be used to bring more persecution against Police Officers. It was a very scary situation.

The Analysis: Making Sense of Things

Initially when I woke up, I was tempted to think there was no significance.

However I couldn’t stop replaying the events in my mind. It was as if every aspect of the dream was so specific – yet random. I mean, I don’t watch horror and/or gore films – and I honestly can’t stand the sight of blood. Yet I dream about something so bizarre yet strangely specific?

So I began to analyze the details:

  • They weren’t fighting like Americans (no matter how much we dislike someone, we aren’t about to put their nasty finger in our mouth. We value Hygiene)
  • They were trying to Amputate (Americans don’t amputate in fights)
  • The Fighting was in an unusual location (not known for gang violence)
  • Arabic men were interfering with Police (supporting the violence)

Although I couldn’t put my finger on it, something about this dream just screamed Significant.

The Interpretation: A Clash of Civilizations?


After thinking about the dream a while longer, the pieces began to fall in place..

I believe what I saw in this dream, was a result of a “Clash of Civilizations”.

What do I mean by this?

A large portion of middle-eastern Countries are guided by the “Law” of their Religion (Islam). This law is known as Sharia or “Sharia Law” and lists a wide variety of Punishments that are considered “acceptable” for certain crimes.

Although no graphics of this will be included in this post, it is important to note that “Amputations” (removing of body parts/limbs) are common practice under Sharia Law.

Similar Article: Islamic “Sharia” Tribunal operating in DALLAS, TX

So How is this relevant to our Nation?

Usually it wouldn’t be – however for one reason alone, it has become very relevant not just to the US, but to Countries everywhere. This reason is Immigration.

With much of the chaos that has been occurring in middle-eastern regions, many of the people have fled their home of origin and have sought refuge in surrounding nations.

However what has happened is that when they enter a new nation, instead of adopting the Laws of that land — some of the people will often establish certain cities where they will continue to practice the Law of their religion (which usually violates the laws of the land).

These areas are commonly known as ‘No-Go’ zones, because it is significantly dangerous for people to go into these areas if they aren’t members of the community.

The United Kingdom and France are excellent examples of what happens when migrants are allowed to establish sub-societies and cultures within “Host” Countries.

As reported by Gatestone Institute:

“No-go zones are Muslim-dominated neighborhoods that are largely off limits to non-Muslims due to a variety of factors, including the lawlessness and insecurity that pervades a great number of these areas. Host-country authorities have effectively lost control over many no-go zones and are often unable or unwilling to provide even basic public aid, such as police, fire fighting and ambulance services, out of fear of being attacked by Muslim youth.

Muslim enclaves in European cities are also breeding grounds for Islamic radicalism and pose a significant threat to Western security.

Europe’s no-go zones are the by-product of decades of multicultural policies that have encouraged Muslim immigrants to create parallel societies and remain segregated from — rather than become integrated into — their European host nations.”

And as if things weren’t bad enough, the Obama Administration intends to bring over 100,000 more Refugees into the United States before the end of his Term. (Article)

Will the United States suffer the same Fate?

For years many have warned that the United States is following desperately in the foot-steps of France and the United Kingdom, who must now fight in order to preserve the sovereignty of it’s Nation and it’s Laws. However with each passing day, it appears as if they are losing this fight. In fact, studies suggest that Europe could be in Serious Trouble.

Unfortunately, many of the mistakes made by both France and the UK — are also being made by the United States. And as a result, we have already heard about Sharia Courts appearing in the United States. However Americans are fighting back:


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