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DREAM: United States Invaded by United Nations

December 28, 2014


I just wanted to write this quick blog post to share a dream that I had a while back pertaining to the United States and the United Nations.

In this dream, there were droves and droves of outraged Americans in the streets. Although I am not exactly sure why we all were angry, I recall that it had something to do with our rights being taken away because of some secret deal that was made behind closed doors in Washington D.C.

I believe that one facet of the secret deal was pertaining to “Gun Control”. All heavy fire-arms had been confiscated in America which left the U.S. Citizens defenseless.

unAlso in the dream I recall seeing military vehicles everywhere and soldiers of every nationality were in the streets with advanced weaponry. Although the soldiers were of every nationality, they all wore the same uniform and carried the same flag  — It was the United Nations.

The United Nations had sent its soldiers to enforce the deal that had been made that pretty much made the United States Constitution about as valuable as used toilet paper.

There were U.N. Soldiers were pouring in as far as the eye could see, and they were rounding up Americans and placing them in “Piles” almost like they were herding cattle.

As Americans walked the street many were panicking when they saw that America as we know and love had essentially been overthrown and defeated.

But as I continued walking and looking around, I saw President Obama standing and giving orders to the soldiers as if he was the one leading the invasion of America!


Many people were outraged at him and other government officials, some were so outraged in fact that they constantly tried to attack him — but each attempt failed. It was as if he was untouchable.

As I stood there watching all of this, I was completely stunned and so was every American. America had essentially been betrayed from within her own borders.

Furthermore, The Invasion happened so suddenly and so swiftly that by the time everyone realized that the United States was actually under invasion — it was too late.

It was then that I awoke from the dream.

DISCLAIMER: The post you have read is the revelation of my own personal dream. In no way is this post attempting to “Foretell the future”, instead I am simply sharing what I have seen.

Although no human knows what the future holds, the GOD of all creation does
— and he often chooses to reveal these things to his people through dreams and visions.

Hence, I am sharing this dream to my blog as a personal and public record in the event that God reveals it to be true in the near or far future.

(Joel 2:28) “And it shall come to pass afterward, that I will pour out my spirit upon all flesh; and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, your old men shall dream dreams, your young men shall see visions”



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