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BOSTON BOMBER: ‘May Allah have Mercy upon Victims’ [VIDEO]

June 25, 2015

Boston Bomber addresses Court:

Many of you probably remember the incident that unfolded a little over 2 years ago that involved 2 brothers who reportedly planted a bomb near the finish-line at the Boston Marathon that killed 4 and injured many.

This event was later nicknamed the “Boston Bombing”.

Boston Marathon BombBrothersAlthough the eldest brother Tamerlan Tsarnaev (Left) was killed in pursuit, his younger brother and accomplice Dzhokhar Tsarnaev (Right) was captured alive and placed in prison to await trial.

After spending nearly 2 years in custody and countless hearings and Court dates, a verdict was finally passed against the younger brother that found him guilty of murder and rendered unto him the Death penalty.

However despite having remained silent for the majority of his Trial, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev finally decided to speak up and address the Court as well as the families of the victims he and his brother killed.

What was the first thing he said?

‘Praise be to Allah’


Radical Islam: The ‘Elephant’ everyone ignores

marathon23n-1-webAs Americans (and Christians), we sometimes wish we could say that this type of violent behavior is something that happens every blue moon.

We wish that we could just attribute the problem to mental illness or some other uncontrollable factor because doing so would make ‘ignoring’ the problem that much easier.

Unfortunately, this type of behavior has become “The Norm” — Not just in the Middle East, but in America as well.

True, it may not be as bad in America as it is in Countries such as Iraq, Iran, Libya, or Syria — but the fact that Islam is steadily gaining momentum HERE should spark at least enough concern to merit a bit more attention from American policy-makers.

Time and time again, Radical Islam continues to show us that it has no desire to assimilate to American culture. They continue to show that they have no interest in our American culture or our values.

Instead, Islam is clearly showing us that it’s ONLY desire is to TAKE this country, whether that be by subversion (subtle deception) or by force.

Yet now matter how many incidents like this unfold, TOA (The Obama Administration) refuses to acknowledge the fact that this religious ideology is at war with our American/Christian values.

Not only that, but when someone dares to even link ‘Radical Islam’ to the terror currently unfolding all over the world (including America), President Obama hops on his Soap-box ready to rebuke anyone who would even entertain the thought.

Meanwhile, Radical Islamist groups like ISIS are spreading through the mid-east like a tidal wave slaughtering Christians and minorities by the thousands.

If America doesn’t wake up and address the threat that Radical Islam is posing to our National Security, we could soon be facing a problem that makes 9-11 look like a ‘Bad-hair’ day.



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  • george hart

    If the religion of Islam is waging a jihad, its not against infidels, its being waged against the people of the light, whereas, ISIL, ISIS, they wear the colour of darkness, they violate ever commandant decreed by God, satan has pulled off the greatest feat ever, convincing people that He(SATAN) does not exist, but that, he is a GOD. We can only pray, That now is the time for Jesus, the lion of God to return with the ArchAngels to finally put this Allah the Deceiver, back in the pit, and seal that depth for all eternity!